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New atkins...please please help me!

Hey everyone!

I am bit unsure about how I am doing, can someone look at my diet today and say if you think i am doing it right?

1xcube cheese
blue cheese
Caesar dressing
whole pack of salami
1 cheese slice
bacon stir fry with only green veg and soy sauce

seems like quite a lot of eating!! is it too much? and to much of the wrong things?

Please help, have to lose about three stone by end of june for my wedding!

thanks in advance xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Looks good to me. I'd double check the soy sauce, although I imagine it would be difficult to overuse.

Keep up the good work!
ah really? ace! will double check on the soy, although dont think i had loads!
if i am doing this right then i think i can defo stick to it! beats the VLCD that i have just tried, this is lush in comparison! just feels a little unnatural to eat nice food!

welcome and it looks good .............. keep it up x
I started on monday and feel exactly the same. Iv had some yum food, I'm not hungry and I'm losing weight!! Feels too good to be true. Good luck
3 stone by june is very ambitious......but you will certainly have made a big hole in it if you carry on the way you are!

welcome to the delicious world of atkins!


Clean green leafy machine
Welcome rhirhi and all the best, it is a fab way of losing weight! :)

Have a good read of the sticky "So you're thinking of doing Atkins" and the recipes and Mim stickies too, also the What are we eating today thread - will give you lots of ideas and inspiration - and ask lots of questions! :)
Welcome :)

I'm about to start week 6 of induction (can't believe it's been that long already!).

I came over to Atkins from Cambridge diet so didn't get the initial large loss because I was already in ketosis and wasn't with holding lots of water. Since then I have lost a stone and I still can't believe it. For the first week I was very nervous. And wouldn't let my self believe that I could lose weight by eating bacon and eggs for breakfast, steak and salad at lunch and steak and boiled green veg for dinner as well as cheese and cheese and butter. I'm starting to believe it more now that I have lost a stone.

I am slowly learning what foods stall me - lots of cheese (small amounts are fine) and squash stall me. However jelly and cream don't. So on an Sunday a bowl of jelly and plenty of cream is my treat. I had that last night and thought I had eaten too much but I've still lost weight.

So my advice is to relax and enjoy your food :) stick to induction and learn what foods stall you xx

Have fun eating and losing weight!


Clean green leafy machine
I'm the same with cheese - if I eat it every day, bang up go the scales - it has to be more of a treat for me. Ditto cream.
My scales just stop going down if I eat too much cheese. So I limit myself to two babybel size portions of cheese a day. Though I only eat cheese once every few days anyway. If I feel like a cheese binge I buy myself celery and a mini Camembert and have cheese fondue for dinner. Delicious!

I have not weighed myself yet but am still really enjoying this diet :eek:) so nice to be able to EAT! The food is delicious, just feel a bit wrong still eating some of it!

I am glad I am not going off the beaten track to much having the atkins cauli cheese recipe I found online and hopefully it will be well lush!

last night i had spicey mince on lettuce which was amazing...just out of interest spices like cumen, paprika etc...are they ok to have or do they have hidden carbs lurking somewhere?

thank for making me feel so welcome everyone! xxxxxxxxxxxx
It's a great feeling isn't it :)

Spices and herbs are generally OK, just check the carb count on the dried ones

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