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new book v old book

hiya all
im doing this slimming world all alone at home and so far i have lost 22lb which im well chuffed about
i know there is a new book out and i just wondered if i should get one.at the mo my book seems to be doin the job so shall i just stick to that 1.

also is it kinda "if it aint broke dont fix it"
i mostly do green days and the odd original not sure if there were many changes in new book that affect green/red cos aernt they doin it now to promote the extra easy?
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the new book does concentrate on extra easy more so its not flip sided and thats about it!

the other difference is that you are ment to eat 1/3 superfree foods with each meal if you can x


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No just on extra easy xx I find it more difficult to get around the book doing green or red as the healthy extras are split between EE and the other two. there is a long thread on here about the same subject if you do a search in the box at the top of the page. Wow haven't you done well on your own Keep up the good work xx


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I joined a class last week, after losing just off 3 stone at home. I'm finding the latest books quite different, but it does seem to make sense. I was pleasently surprised when I sat down this evening to fill in my last few days of food diary (I have been keeping a note as I went, but had to sit and confirm which were free/superfree) and I'm well chuffed to find I'm eating about 80% SF foods naturally! lol So I'm hoping for a bloody big loss at tomorrows WI!

I do agree with the 'if it aint broke don't fix it', but, there again, a good shake up does us all good, and stops us from becoming too complacent (which I think I maybe was, hence joing a proper class - and the cost of joining is less than buying the books on ebay anyway!)


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Also ALOT of free food is now in the syn section, !

Ahhh, is it really? That could explain why I was struggling to find a few of the things I've eaten, even though I'm 99% sure they're free. I'll go double check the back of my book, for the couple I still haven't confirmed....
I was faced with the same dilema Hun. In the end I re-joined a class this evening. I have lost 7stones on my own, but feel that I need that little extra push in order for me to get the last 4 stone off.
There are a few changes to the book and I must admit that there were syn values discussed in the class this evening that have changed since I last attended, so there is always that little bit that you could benefit from.

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