saying hello -newbie here :)


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Hiyas -newbie here - i ve been a bit up n down with my weight over the years - im 5ft 6ish aged 58yrs, - my body is happy at 11 stone , my mirror is happy at 10 stone so i m aiming for realistic numbers in between. Am fairly immobile since September 2020 due to a spine injury but i can't solely blame that - i have always had an irrational relationship with food - however i am now officially obese at 14 stone. Pre injury i was 13stone 8 and joined SW, lost ten pounds in 3 weeks and was doing really well till my spine collapsed n i lost my way completely. Life piled up around me, depression kicked in but i feel, with supportive GP and meds, I am ready to get back on the SW horse ... so wish me luck, and good luck too to anyone who is struggling or successful. as we enter a new year. I am particularly attracted to this site having read the intro by the lady who runs it. Her non-hysterical approach to the the highs n lows of weight loss feel like a safe place for my emotions, which as i'm sure many people know, are a big driver in our food relationships. I m here to re negotiate my relationship with food - we ll never be best friends, me n food, there ll always be scope for conflict, but i wouldn't not try to fix a broken relationship with a human, so am gonna see if i can at least get onto civil, liveable terms with food. :):)