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Hi Aimee

Im hoping to loose around the same as you. Tomorrow is my 2nd weigh in - I lost 9ls in the first week.

The diet is easy to follow and you dont feel too deprived as you can snack and have a main meal.

The trick is not to allow yourself to get hungry, the starter pack contains all you need to get started - so good luck!

Maz x


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hi im on day 5 and its really easy because its all planned i havent had my first weigh in yet but people seem to have lost anything between 4 to 12lb in the first week the shakes are delish aswell.
good luck xx


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Hi, I too am new to the forum and also to CS -today is my first day - i bought my starter pack yesterday. So far so good...don't feel hungry although i am looking forward to my meal later :)


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Hi and welcome. My first weigh in is tomorrow and so far I've found the CS diet really good. The programme is easy to follow, the shakes and bars are really nice and I don't feel any more hungry than normal, so its all win win for me!

Good luck and keep us posted! x


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Welcome aboard Aimee :) I reckon a loss of 3 - 4 lbs a week is a realistic & healthy regular loss :)


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Thanks for all the replies guys, sounds like your all doing really well, hopefully I can say the same in a few weeks! I'm getting my first pack on Friday and hope to start next Monday, start of Feb! I've tried alot of diets before but always failed, I'm the kind of person who likes to see results fast so I'm hoping this will work for me! I will let you know how I get on in the first week and first weigh in! Really excited about starting though! :thankyou:


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Welcome aboard! If you want my opinion then ive never been on a diet that is so easy and works lol i just cant say a bad word about it. You dont even have to exercise lol although if you do you are meant to lose quicker so i have invested in a rowing machine! Cant wait to see how you get on, this board is really coming to life now theres quite a lot of us doing it now so you will have plenty of support.