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new dieter


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Hi Sally, 3lbs is still a good loss, thats almost a stone a month which is average for cd so please don't be upset by it..also you have an underactive thyroid so i rekon thats a great result.
I find the fluid ok personally but i hear some people make a point of downing 1/2 litre first thing in morn, then another 1/2 litre with 'breakfast' and so on...it may be easier to for you to do it in big chunks. Also there are water flavourings you can get, i have yet to try them but heard good things about them. Best of luck, stick with it and you'll be just fine...you've done the hardest part.x
3lbs is better than no lbs

thanks airgirl - i will try harder this week - i dont mind black coffee. also what is the say so on zero cola

i will let you know if i have done any better on my next weigh in next weds. nite:eek::character00255:


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I'm sure you will...i notice most people say it flucuates quite a bit. Coke zero isn't allowed, some people get away with it, others don't so personally i haven't taken the risk. Have a great week and stick with it.xx


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good luck sally. 3lbs is great. don't fret about it. up the water a bit and i'm sure your body will let go of a sudden whoosh of weight for you next week :)

abz xx


Hey Sally - stick with it....any loss is great. If youclick on anyone's ticker it takes you to the website to set up your own. Then copy the code into your signature. FAQ section will give you exact instructions. Looking forward to seeing your snazzy ticker soon!
Don't be down hun, although you may not be happy with the loss, 3lb is still a loss afterall. Keep at it hun, and let us know how you get on.

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