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new here and new to cd

Hi Bel,

This is my 1st day and im also new to CD, im doing ss

How are u finding it so far?

Sammy x


Full Member
hello me on 2nd day tryed black tea .not the same as with milk
Hi theresa, its certainly not, but you will find as time goes on your taste buds will change and if you keep trying it, you might adjust to like it... try the other leaf teas too such as green tea, nettle and peppermint... Some are an aquired taste but you can aquire the taste as it makes a change from plain water:)

Hi Sammy
was doing fine till today (day 6) tried to make a shake and lid not on pot properly so whole thing exploded - am so upset and cross with myself I munched a few biscuits (what a mistake :( I am prize idiot I know) now feeling sick and cross. I think if I drink water from now till tues night I may undo the damage, although probably not very sensible. Picked myself up dusted myself down and thought I best just get on with it now. I am so desperate to lose 3 stone by August I hope its not unreasonable in time I have got. Looking to shed 7 in total - how about you what is your goal??
Hi Bel,

Dont worry about the blip just carry on as normal and try not to let it get you down! you've done fantastic to get this far keep going!

at the moment im 5ft 2in and weigh 13 stone 3lb and im hoping to get to 10 stone 7lb by the 7th of August as thats my wedding day! although it does sort of depend on my dress as ive bought it already and its a size 14 but has a corset back so can be pulled in tighter but i dont want it to look massive on me

Before i started cd i was doing my own diet at home, just trying to stick to 1000 calories per day and i lost 2 and a half stone but then stayed the same for ages and decided to try cd to help me lose the rest,

I found yesterday really easy but ive woke up this morning with a pounding headache!

3 stone by august will be no probs, thats my goal too

We both can do it :D

Sammy x

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