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Hello, another new joiner here. I'm a 39 year old guy and currently losing weight. Back in May I had a full medical at which I was a bit shocked to discover that I weighed 89kgs (I'm 5 foot 8), that my blood pressure was high (150 over 95) and that my cholesterol reading was abysmal with virtually no good cholesterol. Shocked as basically I paid no attention to my weight at all. I'm now on beta blockers for my blood pressure but would like to get off them.
First reaction is to consider who I can blame for this mess? My parents for their poor genes? Um, no, sadly not. Both are in their mid 60s and as fit as teenagers, my mum running 1 or 2 marathons per year in under 4 hours. My wife and kids? No, all fit, thin and healthy. My job, my boss? Yes my boss! Its got to be his fault! Actually no, its all my fault. I've eaten too much junk, drunk too much wine and spent 11 hours a day 5 days a week sat at my desk mostly in a state of stress for the past 5 years. So what to do? Well, I don't suffer fools gladly so I've given myself a right good kick up the arse. I decided I will lose weight and get back to the kind of weight I was in my mid 20s when I surfed a lot (in the sea that is) and was in great shape. I will try get myself off the beta blockers by next year. I've not discussed this with anyone but my wife and now you good folk on this forum. I decided to switch to mediterranean type diet with immediate effect. No more baguettes or croissants (we live in Paris), no more tarte au chocolote or tarte tatin, no more pizza (wtice a week before) and no more potatoes (I was a potato fiend, every meal had to have spuds). Just a very balanced diet with smaller portions than before to include lots of fish, beans, lentils, wholemeal pasta, salad and veg. Also I joined a gym and started going 3 times a week, a bit of cardio and a bit of weight training, nothing to mad, 45 minutes to an hour per visit.
Well, I'm pleased to report that I have found this change rather easier than I expected and the new food is remarkably pleasant.
Progress? Well, since making this change in June I've shed just over 11 kgs and now weigh 77.7kgs. My stomach is down from a 39 inch waste to a 35. My target is 75kgs by the end of the year but if I could do that by the time I turn 40 at end October that would be even better. 75kgs would just about give me a normal BMI apparently, although it makes no allowance for the fact that I have, ahem, naturally big muscles in certain places (my shoulders and arms!). By the time I go skiing in mid March next year I want to be 72kgs. No let me rephrase that, I will be 72kgs.
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Hi and welcome. Sounds like you are well on the way to where you want to be, and you'll get loads of support here to help the rest of the way.


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Hello. Welcome to the forum and good luck.
Nearly 6 years later my update is that I have managed to maintain the healthier eating, largely. I also got my blood pressure down and off the beta blockers in 2011. My weight did creep up to 82kgs in 2012 as it was a stressful time (relocating back to a new area of the UK, new job, new home, new schools for kids, new friends to make etc). However, we moved to a lovely village with a road cycling club so I took it up as a hobby. Current weight is 75.8 kgs and creeping down as I'm training for a couple of big cycling events (race from Barcelona to Valencia early July and climbing Mount Ventoux in Provence in late July). Overall I made a positive change and stuck to it. My wife has helped as she is also keen on cycling and triathlons so we egg each other on with training and healthy eating. My kids also do junior triathlons.


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Welcome back PipPip and thank you so much for the update and a massive congratulations on your fabulous success! :0clapper::thankyouthankyou::winner:

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