New Me..Starting Wednesday!


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Devon Dolce

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Hi hun and welcome xxx

Jim Jam

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Hi hun, welcome to sw :) Don't be nervous, everyone's lovely and friendly! x


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hello and welcome, don't be nervous we are all here for the same reason! SW is a great way to lose weight and to learn how to eat healthier. Good luck x


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Of course the scales will weigh you! Try not to be too nervous this will be the best decision you will make. I only wish I has stayed a member and followed the plan the first time I walked throught the doors. Good luck to you.


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oh it wont take long i have bein doing it from august and to be honest have not found it hard this forum has bein great the people are great the recipies are brill and all the suport u need when away from group is fab and as for me ee is the only way to go that aint to say thats the way u will go :D loving it wish i had found it years ago

Mrs V

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There is really nothing to worry over Huni. We have all been where you are now and felt those nerves. The main thing is that you are doing something about your weight. Have fun and don't forget that we are here if you ever get stuck!
Good luck with your journey!


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Hi Hun

Good luck with Slimming World, have you tried the diet before? If not its really fab, as is Minimins.....there's ALWAYS someone here to support and advise you!
All the best hun - honestly the diets great and you CAN do it!
So long as you are eating the right food you will find it a doddle and please don't worry about the scales its not all about what you weigh its about how you are feeling about yourself!!! You will feel sooooo good once you are in control about what you ae eating xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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good luck with starting on the plan :) it's really easy and great if you have an appetite.

don't worry about the scales - they weigh up to a really high weight so don't worry. i know someone who was at a class and they weighed 35 stone.

i've got around 10 stone to lose... don't feel like you're alone. :)


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Hi good luck, i too start at club on wednesdy and cant wait!!


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Welcome to the forum, and good luck with your SW journey and your new you. X


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Hi :D Good Luck with SW. I don't class it as a diet.. more healthy eating!! I recon I eat more now than I ever have lol! And as someone else said, I think the scales go up to a pretty high weight so No worries :D If you are ever struggling or need any help We are all here and there is always bound to be someone online who can help you xx


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Hi and good luck with sw, I was you 8 weeks ago when I started very nervously to my sw group. I weighed in at 20.5 stone and was devastated, but here I am going to my 8th weigh in after starting the plan nearly having lost 2 stone.

Just wanted to reassure you that if you commit to it you will see results, I was so excited to start and i'm completely in the zone.

This is a great eating plan and as someone who used to count calories or points, that is so last year and this is the way forward :D

Be positive and you will love the feeling of power you will get from doing something to change your life.


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sounds good. Im 25 weeks pregnant so not looking for big losses but not looking for big gains either!


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Hello and welcome to minimins. Don't worry about Wednesday, it'll all be fine and you'll be really excited the next week to see how much weight you've lost xxx