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New medical research about dieting


I want to be fitter again
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Some of you may know that I am a public health nurse and have access to medical literature. I was reading my latest journal form world cancer research fund and it was all about diets, weight loss and dieting. Withour insulting anyone's intelligence I have attempted to make this lay person friendly. If you don't understand anything just let me know and i'll hide (only joking).
The research was looking at maintaining the balance between energy intake (what you eat) to energy expenditure (what you use up from your intake) The two most important aspect of this, is how the body controls what we eat in one sitting (satiation) and the feeling of fullness after (satiety). They attempted to see what foods helped. There was no difference between carbohydrates (potatoes rice pasta etc),fats and proteins (dairy, meat fish and lentils) They did however find that fibre affects how full we feel, it causes longer chewing times and increases stomach distention. This distension makes us feel fuller for longer. (hence our healthy Bs )
They also found that alcohol taken before a meal, leads to a bigger intake and higher energy consumption.
It is the energy density of food that is nearly always linked to energy (calorie) intake. Now this next bit is what I found really fascinating. . . The study found that people tend to eat the same weight of food rather than a regular amount of energy (calories) every day. This means that if you eat heavy foods which are low in calories you will naturally eat less throughout a 24 hour period. So rather than changing the amount of food you eat as in WW you change the types of food you eat as in SW. This would also explain why, if you are not loosing weight , changing your salads(lightweight) for cooked vegetables (heavyweight) it may very well spur on your weight loss.
So next time you have a meal cooked SW way, feel how heavy the plate is compared to the same plate full of cream!! So have a heavy plate full of fibre type foods and you will be skipping to your next weigh in.

Adding my own thoughts to this, could this be the reason we should eat pasta properly cooked and not crispy as in doritos. (think of their weight)

One last thing if you are not bored silly by now, on the back page of the journal was another research article which has linked reducing your weight to improve breast cancer survival. Another bit of motivation to help us on our journey.
I do have all the references for the research for those who may want to read more just let me know.
Also please let me know if this sort of thing is interesting or too much (I won't be offended either way.

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Very interesting read.. and its always good to know loosing weight is helping me fend off another one of lifes cruel illnesses.

Thanks hun. x


Lover of Extra Easy
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Thank you so much for taking the time to post this very interesting information.


Gone fishing
It's interesting isn't it. But it's not new. The volumetrics system for dieting is used in some way across many diets. I think even WW use it.

Dr Barbara Rolls has written much about it. I even did the volumetrics diet at one point a few ago.

Fascinating stuff.
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I love reading things like this cos I do like to understand the science behind these things. So carry on sharing if and when you find something else.

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