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New member, clocking in and saying hello


Hello Miniminers.

This is day one of my Lipotrim weight loss journey. I have a smidge over ten stones to lose, so it's certainly going to be a long journey! Hopefully not too tedious.

I first read Minimins a few years ago, when I did the Cambridge Diet for a while. I lost loads of weight doing it and found the meal replacement VLCD format suited me really well, so I'm back to have another bash after losing focus before.

Interesting to see the same issues preoccupy members now as they did then - WATER! :D

It's the evening of my first day and it's OK so far. I'm weeing for England, of course. Not feeling hungry (yet!) and I still have one sachet left to drink.

That's all really. Didn't want to crash the party without first saying a proper hello, and handing over a manky bottle of Dubonnet.
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Hiya Magpie, ive just joined this site today and have found it a huge help! Im on day 4 of lipotrim and the first 3 days were a series of highs and waves of lows but ive kept at it and have been feeling very posistive today. Good luck in your journey and keep at it cause once u get past the first few days it your willpower really kicks in.


Hi, Dee!

Oh yes, I remember from before how marvellous it felt once I tipped into ketosis.

Got my pee sticks to record the happy moment.

Glad to see you're so positive.


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Welcome both as you are aware its a road of ups and downs but the results are brill Good luck to you both and keep posting!!!


cheers magpie!
yeh ive been positive all day until I took some kalms sleep and afterwards realised there is sugar in it! hoping ive not messed it up, but apart from that im ok!


Thank you blodwen and I shall definately keep posting as this site has been a great help these past few days!


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hi all!!! well i got my supplies :) day 1 tomo ..... i asked pharmacy and they reckon don't do a urine test , i thought i read somewhere that they did or am i wrong??? i have 17lbs to loose before my husbands back in around just over 6 weeks! after reading about ladies on here with alot more to loose it has made me even more determined bexause if you lot have the willpower to do it and after reading how well everyone is doing it's really given me the encouragement that i need so firstly a big thanks and i truly hope i can do it .... just stuffed my face and having my last coffee with milk before bed and the hope of a cleaner and slimmer me without the food hang ups i have and im hoping this will give me the boost to start eating correctly again and healthly once i restart x



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Hi Magpie, welcome from me too. I'm sure you will get loads of encouragement on here during your journey, there are quite a few ladies and gents that have lost a similar amount to what you want to lose and they are so inspirational! All the best x


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Hulloooo and welcome!!! Good luck xxxxxxxxxxxx


How lovely you all are!

Good also to see some fellow newbies.

Day 2: shivering a bit, but not hungry yet. :D


Hooray, I'm already in ketosis!

I used a stick this morning (even though I knew it was too early to test) and the stick registered 'negative'. However, for the last few hours I've felt full of energy, so I thought I'd have another go, and the stick was positive!

"Congratulations, Mrs Magpie - you are expecting the splatter of tiny fat molecules exiting your system"

Ketosis by the end of the second day. I am thrilled!


Welcome, Magpie.

Sounds like you're really up for this, so enjoy the forum. Such entertaining chatter...not to mention how motivating it is !
You've made a great call.
Good luck with everything.


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HI Magpie - I start on Monday and getting lots of inspiration from this site!
How are you finding the first week?

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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lots of luck for your lipotrim journey.


Ah, you sweethearts. :grouphugg:

Mrs N - I have to say it's been pretty painless so far, but this is only Day 3.

How are you other newbies getting on?