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New Member to SW

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by madstrikinglady, 28 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. madstrikinglady

    madstrikinglady New Member

    Hi everyone
    Tomorrow night will be my first SW meeting. I desperately want to lose weight this year, for me, not other reason. Just sick of looking at 2 wardrobes of clothes I cant wear, sick of worrying about what I am going to wear for every occasion, sick of feeling tired and lethargic!!! Will stop moaning now!
    My history is that I lost three stone three years ago on the Cambridge Diet. Although I found it relatively easy to lose the weight, I have put it all back on over 2 years. Old habits die hard!
    My immediate hunch was to go back on the Cambridge but I simply cannot face what feels like me punishing myself. Also I cannot face putting it all back on again.
    So I am taking the plunge and joining SW.
    I would like to lose about 4 stone in total so will be around for a long time!!!
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  3. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    Hi Madstrikinglady! Great name! Welcome to the forum. SW is a great plan and when you get to grips with it is so easy to follow. We are a really friendly bunch on the SW forum and you will find all the support and advice you need here. We are just about to start up the August challenge so why not join in?! Good luck x
  4. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    hello and WELCOME to Minimins :D

    not much experience of SW...but just wanted to say hello !

    good luck with your weight loss journey - Minimins is FAB !!!

    Debz xx
  5. emski

    emski Gold Member

    :welcome: to the forum.. loads of support here. have a look around and make yourself at home.. We do a weight loss challenge every month and are about to start Augusts.. there are 4 teams and you will see each one has a thread.. if you want to join in just call in on one of them and you can join the team xx
  6. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    Em, I just started a new thread to make it easier for noobs to get into a team x
  7. zenabob2105

    zenabob2105 Silver Member

    welcome and i am sure you will have no probs on SW it's great...
  8. Isis

    Isis Ancient Egypt Nut!

    Hi Madstrikinglady and welcome from me too :D:D:D

    I'm not following a SW programme but wanted to also say hello and reassure you that you are with people who understand here on the site.:)

    Looking forward to seeing your results and please ask for support whenever you feel the need.

    Best Wishes,

    Lacey..xx :)
  9. this time its for real

    this time its for real member of FBI

    hi MSL,
    I'm a newbie to the SW forum but was around a heck of a lot last year on the CD forum (diff. user name and email etc) ....I lost 4st 1lb in about 12 wks, and it took about 6 months for me to put it back on :cry: I binge on chocolate throughout the day, so the weight came back quickly...very quickly.
    Just wanted to say Hi, and that I sort of know where you're at right now. I started SW for the 3rd time a couple of days ago.
    Feel good up to now. But I'm ill so my appetite has gone west, hope it doesnt come back to be honest :D
    Good Luck for your class tomorrow night. Hope to catch up with you on the forum.:D
    xx jo
  10. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Good luck with the class tomorrow and hope you enjoy your SW journey

    Irene xx
  11. Tealover

    Tealover Member

    Hi, I joined SW nearly two weeks ago and also have about four stone to lose. There's loads of encouragement on this forum, and I know I'm going to do it this time. Can't wait to see the new me.

    Good luck with your first meeting. :)
  12. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    Hello and welcome xxx
  13. madstrikinglady

    madstrikinglady New Member


    I have only just had the chance to log in today and was overwhelmed to see all the lovely support. Thanks!
    I have not exactly had a good start on SW. I started on the week where I was away on business for two days and staying in a hotel, then a work night out, and then a friend's hen night!!! Although I have really tried to be totally strict, I would admit that I messed up on two meals as there simply wasnt enough choice, and also had too much alcohol for my syns.
    BUT! The good news is I am totally up for it and today a friend of mine on the diet is coming round and we are doing a huge cook in! Gonna do big pans of veggie curry, chilli, ratatouille and pasta sauces which we can then freeze. I am determined to crack this and to also be prepared for my busy life.
  14. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    Good luck for this week, the cook in sounds great!
  15. Undisturbedgirl

    Undisturbedgirl Silver Member

    Madstrikinglady, just wanted to wish you the best with SW and reaching your target weight loss goal. I love the idea of a huge cook-in.

    Look forward to hearing of your progress x
  16. Claire1981

    Claire1981 Is so very nearly there!

    hello and welcome hun

    you will find this site brill and the ladies are so helpful :)
  17. madstrikinglady

    madstrikinglady New Member

    Hi there
    went for my first weigh in and lost 3.5lbs which I am thrilled about!!!!

    A quick question! Can someone tell me how to update my weight on the slimming world member's page? It say you update it on the Passport for Success but I simply cant find it! DOH!
    Will get my tracker up on here too tomorrow when I have more time.
  18. mod-karen79

    mod-karen79 rainbows holiday buddy :)

    when you log on there should be a box on the right hand side of the screen saying 'update your weightloss today' ...or something like that! you then type in your current weight and then you can view you weightloss chart.
  19. madstrikinglady

    madstrikinglady New Member

    Oh that will be the big coloured box that I simply couldnt see because it is soooo big! Stupid cow that I am!! Thanks a lot mod-karen!
  20. mod-karen79

    mod-karen79 rainbows holiday buddy :)

    lol - the SW site is crapply designed!
  21. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    Ha ha sometimes it is hard to see what's right in front of us!

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