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  1. Nade

    Nade Full Member


    I have been an avid reader of this forum for the past couple of weeks so though I would say "hi!" and ask a for your opinions about something.

    I am in my fourth week of LL and my loss has been as follows:-

    0 to 4 day drop in=5 lbs
    4 day drop in will day 7= 1lb
    7 to 14 days = 4lb
    14 to 21 days = 2lb

    and based on my scales tonights weight in will be 2lbs.

    Do oyu think this is a little slow? Compared to others in by group it is. I have been following the plan perfectly, drinking my water and making sure I do my 10000 steps a day.

    I just feel a little disheartend that I am trying just as hard as others and not seeing the same results.

    I have a total of about 5 stone to lose.

    Your thoughts would be very much appresiated.

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  3. bexnkev

    bexnkev Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hi Nade,
    Try not to base your losses on others. We are all different and it maybe that for some reason you are retaining water, or something similar... all I can say is that if you are sticking to the plan you will lose at least a stone a month. Sometimes you'll have slow weeks, some weeks, you'll have bigger weeks... Where else can you lose 18lbs in the amount of time you have? Your body will get rid of the fat at it's own rate... stick with it, you'll be amazed how much will go before you realise it :D
  4. snowmum

    snowmum Full Member

    I too have been a little disappointed. I try to talk myself around as i know I have to look at the long term picture but i have such a lot to lose and 'only' lost 6:6 and this week doesnt seem to be any quicker. Do you think some people are more resistant I seem to remember reading something in my old atkins diet book along those lines?
  5. bexnkev

    bexnkev Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I don't think people are more resistant but I do think that each body is individual... I've had weeks where I haven't lost at all and weeks where it has shocked me by how much I have lost... just remember that you are losing more than you would on anything other than a VLCD... I know it can be frustrating, hell I started off with 14 stone to lose so wanted immediate results!! please don't let this frustration derail you, you will lose the weight :)
  6. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

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    Onlly 6.6? Thas brilliant, and in one week!! I don;t know any other diet you would get that result on....give it the weeks roll by and you see where youa re then - you will be amazed, and pleased.

    There is no way, if you follow this 100%, that you will not lose this faster then any other diet.

    Hang in there!! :)
  7. Frejja

    Frejja Silver Member

    Honestly, on other plans you'd only lose a max of 2lbs a day. The problem with these diets is you can expect too much. You're doing so well...don't undermine yourself!
  8. Nade

    Nade Full Member

    Thats for all of your comments. your right, I need to be more positive!

    Well I was right, another 2 lbs last night. so that is a total of a stone in 4 weeks. Dead on average but that does include that easy gysogen (sp!) in the first week!

    I just suppose that I am feeling hard done by well all around me are losing so much more!!

    I now have all my hopes pinned on next week hopping that I will at least get the 3lb average loss. Just hope I am not disapointed again.

    But looking at the bright side, that is a stone and that means 12.5% of a eightmost target reached!!
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