new, not even started yet! need help already

hi all

im Caroline, fat fed up and thirty! Just turned!

Im getting married and i have decided i have to sort maself oot!

i have e mailed and tried to call CDC, (is that right abbrev?)
i am just awaiting call back.

Do i need a doctors form signed by him (grumpy git)
if so i have no chance!

how much is it? I was told £34.....

i am scared of loose saggy skin!

pls can you advise any thing to above!
thank you so much

Hi Caroline - nice to meet you!

Yes we are called CDC's (amongst other things by our clients!!!) - there is a small medical form to be completed - but unless you have any complications your CDC should not need to ask your Doctor to complete it.

As far as loose saggy skin ......... mmmm not sure - everyone is different .... and is still better than rolls of fat!!!

Ask away ... we'll all try to help!
Hey Caroline....welcome to minis!!

I dont think you need a docs signature unless your BMI is over 40 or if you have certain medical conditions (Sorry, I dont know wat they all are but your CDC will know straight off)

Different CDCs charge different prices but I believe the RRP is around £32-33 per week
thanks Beverley and Karen

One more thing, for the now! LOL

On the first week do i just pay the £33-34 or do i need to pay in advance so to speak! So double?

Do i go to the cdc house? is it every week?


oops that was 3 things
You pay for what you buy ........ so if you buy 21 shakes you pay for 21 ... and so on - nothing in advance,

Most counsellors will see you weekly/fortnightly or monthly, which ever is easiest.

And most CDC's work from home.
thank you so much

cant wait to get started
Very good luck - and keep asking as you think of things!!!

Start a diary as well .... really helps to look back on, take lots of before photos and measure yourself.
Hi determined!

Good Luck with all.

If you are over 5ft 8in tall you are meant to have 4 shakes a day and so therefore this increases the cost per week by another 3rd, to around £46.

I'm sure you will do really well. Keep in touch.

Dizzy x
Hi Caroline,

I too am very concerned about loose skin, so i have opted to try out Shape Changer Body wraps, see link Shape Changers - The Detox Body Wrap - innovative manufacturer of beauty products using natural ingredients to create products that achieve results, guaranteed

There is a salon in East Kilbride that i was at yesterday its £128 for a course of 3 but each wrap is guranteed inch loss for 30 days providing you follow their guidlines, which are simple and def achievable with Cambridge I lost 12.3 inches all over!!! You get wrapped up like a left over in bandages, clingfilm and then this tin-foil stuff, and its supposed to tighten you up and encourage rouge fat (the dreaded cellulite) to return to where it should be and flush out any nasty toxins but the amount of water we are consuming is taking care of that but hey every little helps.

I am a restarting Cambridge tomorrow, and have about 7 stone to lose i think, but i am hoping that by combining the diet, the wraps and some exercise the loose skin should hopefully be minimal!! Fingers crossed!!

Good Luck!!