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Not Started yet,have some concerns, please help

Hi my name is Alison i am a single parent with two children age 17 and 14, im thinking of starting Lipotrim when i get paid next week after some very hurtful comments from a ex friend and my ex partner. Usually things like that dont bother me, but these three comments have really hurt me so... How much does it cost ? Is there a cheaper way to do it ie less shakes?. I go to the gym and do step classes will i have to stop doing this, if i loose weight quickly will my skin stay saggy if i dont excercise, please help thanks.
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Helloooo, Damn those idiots for being nasty. You can prove them wrong. Lipo is about £36 a week...you have to have your 3 shakes a day otherwise your body won't work. You should find you can still do your exercises although not as much in your first week or so. Saggy skin depends how long you've been overweight for I reckon so that I can't answer. If you choose to go ahead good luck with it xxx
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You need to have 3 shakes a day. It costs £36 a week. You shouldnt exercise for the first week or so but after that should be ok.
I think regarding the saggy skin , if you tone up whilst losing the weight there is less chance of this happening.
I am no expert but we do this at the pharmacy i work , though i dont actually do the weigh ins
Hope this helps.
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firstly make sure your doing it for you not over some bell end who has said something

for females its around £36 per week and you must stick to the correct amount of shakes which is 3 for the vitamins ad minerals your body needs to survive

anyways good luck with it if you do it
S: 19st4lb C: 13st13lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 5st5lb(27.78%)
damn everyone beat me to it lol
Hey no probs your post made me laugh, i am going to do it for me ive already lost 21 pounds with ww but its taking to long ,a pound here and there. Its just having enough willpower not to eat, and no drinking when i go out.
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That is the beauty of this quick loss, but you need to stick to it to the letter no food and plenty of water and you should see the weight drop off. It is a lot to spend each week but look at it this way...you are saving money by cutting down on your weekly shop and you are investing in your healthier future.....go for it give it a go very few other diets will give the you quick losses you can expect. Good luck.


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Hi! I have heard that it's advisable to cut down on carbs for a few days before starting. I think it's supposed to lessen the side effects but I didn't. I'm on day 3 and haven't had any side effects except a slight light-headedness when kicking a football about with my grandchildren yesterday. I AM drinking lots of water and green tea though.

Good Luck!!


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Ello loe and welcome, I know too well what its like to hear people talkin about u an stuff...

but iv come to the conclusion f*** them!!

Do it for, and how fab u will feel...

best of luck, deffinately tone up, even if its a couple of sit ups and 2 tine of beans as weight, it all helps,

iv got 3 more stone to loose, lost 2 already so 5 in total like u....

best of luck and be happy xxx


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Hi hon, and welcome. Congrats on the 22 lb already - thats amazing. Like the others have said you def need to have all 3 shakes - it just won't work if you don't. Good Luck on your LT journey :)
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i have to say that i agree with everything said. make sure your doing this diet for you. its not a diet to be taken lightly. im on my 11 day and im finding it ok but i have felt exhausted. today is the first day ive felt more like myself. i have been going to the gym though but cutting back on what i usually do (1 1/2 hrs per session of cardio and free weights) and to listen to my body and basically when im feeling really tired, make that do for the day.

dont let the ******* grind you down sweetie :)
Thanks for all your lovely comments, i have been thinking about it all day today, and im going to start the Lipotrim on Saturday, i have rang the chemist up today, so fingers crossed.
Honey, I know how hurtful comments that are nasty about your weight can be, and I always tell myself, well I maybe fat, but I can loose that weight, the people who say these things are ugly on the inside and out, what can they do about that??

You wont last on LT unless this is for you honey, and it wont feel as good if its not for you.

Do this for you and your kids, and for the future for all three of you, I have 100% faith that you can do this honey.

Whether its an ex partner, husband, friend, just remember an ex is always an ex for a reason!

Good Luck x x
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hiya and welcome just a few things to consider you need to do this for you and you only, its £36pw the 1st week is very hard my advice if yo udecide to go ahead is to try and cut out the carbs the week before ensure you drink plenty of water min 2ltrs a day theres plenty of advice and great support from all the guys on here

All the best this diet is brill if followed correctly


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