Open To All New Start Today!


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:eek::eek::eek: Today is a new beginning for me, honestly! I have been faffing about for a few years, up and down like a yoyo! I have just got to that stage when I have said to myself enough is enough. Just get on and DO IT! I have thought long and hard and I have looked at so many healthy eating plans and have decided to come back to SW. I am going to start tomorrow. I will go shopping after work today, I will weigh myself in the morning and get back on it once and for all. I have just under 3 stone to lose and I am going to just chip away and try to stay on track :banana_dancer:
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Back to SW again
S: 348lb C: 326lb G: 140lb BMI: 57.7 Loss: 22lb(6.32%)
Hi Spot and welcome

This is a great group, very supportive, and we'll all be shouting you on from the sidelines :).

What sort of plan are you going to follow?