1. mrsmitch01

    mrsmitch01 Full Member

    Hi everyone I'm starting weight watchers next week after being a S******G W***D member for 5 years. I'd lost 7 1/2 stone up until June last year and since then I've gained a stone and a half. I just can't get it shifted. I now have 5 stone to lose to get to my goal weight so I've decided to quit and give weight watchers a go. From what I can see it's all about portion control. I have no full signal so I hope this plan will help me. So, does anyone have any tips for me?? I'm a bit nervous as I'm conditioned to the other weight loss club. Shopping is automatic. I know some stuff will be the same such as fruit and veg, which I love, but I'm wondering what bread and cereal I can have and meal ideas too. Any help or tips would be gratefully received. ?
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  3. melkwa

    melkwa Member

    Hi, I'm more or less in the same boat. I did sw for over a year, lost 3 stone and put one back on. Now I'm trying to lose 1.5st. It wasn't going to happen with sw because I have zero portion control. What plan will you be doing? I started off two weeks ago on healthy and filling but it wasn't for me because of the unlimited bread, pasta and crumpets! I switched to propoints last Friday and it's going very well. I'm starting to figure out how to fill up with few points and I'm sure the numbers on the scales have already been moving in the right direction.
  4. mrsmitch01

    mrsmitch01 Full Member

    Hi. I don't know yet but probably pro points. I definitely need portion control as I have no full signal. Plus I can live without bread etc. I'm actually looking forward to it though. A different approach is what I need I think. Good luck with your journey :) xx
  5. hannah13

    hannah13 Full Member

    Hi I joined weight watchers on Monday weighing in at 10stone 5lb I'm doing the first week of simple start and must say I am loving it. Last summer I was around 9st5 so I am aiming first target of 9st 7 then I I dare dream 8st 12 would be fab. We go to turkey for 2 weeks at the end of July so maybe just maybe I can do it.
  6. jo-85

    jo-85 Gold Member

    I'm also joining WW tomorrow after being at SW. I have nothing bad to say about SW but it is definitely a plan that needs to be able to fit in with your lifestyle and for me at the mo it just doesn't. Good luck x
  7. mrsmitch01

    mrsmitch01 Full Member

    Hi girls
    I too have nothing bad to say about Sw but they say eat as much free food as you like but when you never feel full it's hard to gauge. I'm thinking I might have brekkie and lunch and then have ww meals for dinner. They're portion controlled. I'll just have extra veg with it to fill me up. Am I right in thinking you get extra points if you exercise??
  8. hannah13

    hannah13 Full Member

    Once on the pro points you get your daily allowance mine is 26 then the weeklies of 49 and also you can earn and eat back your pro points. :)
  9. hannah13

    hannah13 Full Member

    The idea behind the simple start / simply filling etc is to get your mind set into the foods you should be eating for a better diet. Then once on the pro points it gives you portion control you can still eat unlimited fruit n veg etc. however your meat, potatoes etc are portion controlled.
    I did SW once but I was just too greedy on it, more so than I was prior to starting it.
  10. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Hi, just an idea but it's worth having a look at some of the ww food diaries on here to give you ideas for meals etc. I've only been on the diet for just over a week but loving it and it does teach you good portion control.

    Yes you can earn points through exercise I believe.

    Good luck to you all!
  11. glitzy1

    glitzy1 Member

    Cud i ask... im new to ww... ive read on some sites that 29 is the propoints allowance per day with 49 per week... and some sites say it depends on gender, weight, activity level etc... which is it? Wot is the lowest allowance? Thanks
  12. SaraSlimmer

    SaraSlimmer Full Member

    lowest is 26.
  13. slimgirlWW

    slimgirlWW Full Member

    Mrssmith01 how have you been getting on? I used to do SW too. What you've lost so far is great!

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