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Hi Tori, I'm on my second week and finding it tough! Only lost half a pound on thursday due to having drinks and pizza at the weekend, but am determined to put that behind me and focus now.

I am really happy that minimilks are only 1pp and curly wurlys are 3pp! But am generally getting better at making healthy choices and eating much more fruit and veg.

Aldi have butternut squash on offer at the mo so i got loads of that for bns chips (which i am loving), and I've developed a really nice veggie chilli for 4pp a portion.

tonight i'm having quorn/red pepper/butternut squash fajitas - just off to point them up and see how many I can have cos they are lush.

How are you doing with everything? Had any finds?


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Hey i m new also i started last wed! i was doing slim fast b4 but i wasnt doing very well on that! i have joined online as i work shifts and dont really have that much time to go to a class.
i will have to go to asdas for some butter nut squash i remember eating it like a baked potato with those butter buds from lakeland i will have to buy more of them lol!


S: 13st3lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 1st3lb(9.19%)
Are butterbuds nice? I've thought about getting them but worried they'll taste a bit synthetic?

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Day 2 so far so good. bit hungry tho, not quite got the hang of the new plan yet


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hi im 3 weeks on propoints, so welcome to the forum. Love your recipe for fajitas sounds yummy

jenny t

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This is my 4th day and doing fine so far, I am just going to have a mini magnum or a solero to use up what points I have left for today, I think the weekend is going to be the worst,thank goodness for the 49pp I can use, I really fancy a chinese but will leave it till next weekend I think , it would be awful to loose nothing the first week :p


S: 13st3lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 1st3lb(9.19%)
Pointed up the fajitas - 7 pp each, was hoping for a bit less! But only cos i want 2 :eek:.

The tortilla wrap is the main culprit at 4pp.

recipe as follows (serves 4):

4 tortilla wraps
175g of quorn chicken pieces
1 chopped onion
1 chopped red pepper
100g of bns (cut to chunks same size as quorn bites)
tomato salsa
fajita seasoning
tbs 1/2 fat creme fraiche

roast the bns chunks for about 20 mins at 180C, until soft.
saute the onion and red pepper in a wok with frylite, then reserve in a dish.
season the quorn with fajita seasoning and wok fry in frylight for 7-8 mins, adding spoon of hot water if it is getting dry.
Add the bns/onion/red pepper and stir fry a further minute.

Heat each tortilla on a dry frying pan and put on plate
Add a quarter of the wok mixture
Add a tbsp salsa and tbsp of creme fraiche and roll up the wrap.

7 pp per fajita
serve with salad or savoury rice, depending on how many points you have left at the end of the day!

You can make the fajita filling earlier in the day and keep covered in the fridge to microwave later for dinner, so all you have to do then is heat the tortilla wrap.

But i didn't have this tonight as hubby texted that he was going for a drink after work, so will have it tomorrow. Tonight i had mushroom omelette, bns chips and peas with ketchup and mayo - yum (and a bargainous 7 points).


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Hi ..........I've joined Minimins tonight, not sure yet how to use it haha? And I've got to try and get my head around propoints! I looking to join a class next week but before I do anybody out there got a clue how many PP I can have? I'm 42, 4ft 11 and 10st? Thanks Tracey xx


S: 13st3lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 1st3lb(9.19%)
I think the minimum daily allowance is 29 pp Tracy, you will probably be on that. Plus you have an extra 49pp weekly allowance (jury is out on whether you can still use all 49 points and still lose weight though!)


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Thanks x

Thanks Jojo... I thought i only had March issue of ww mag to learn from until next week when I join! This is a great help for me x x:)


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Hi girls,
Im on first week too of pp, did old ww too many times to remember. Anyways, have 32 daily pp allowance. Joined Wed night, then Thur & Fri was full to the eyeballs after eating 30 pp (dont know if not eating the extra 4 I was allowed is good or bad), I have 13 points left today so am gonna have a chow mein later this evening follwed by a ww choc brownie dessert thingy to use up all 13 points, taking me to 32 pp for the day.
Overall Im liking the plan so far, dont intend to use any of the extra 49 this week so hope I have a good loss next Wed


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today is d day i have started with pro points today so here goes!!! lol


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I'm going to my first class tonight, am so excited and ready to take it onboard...

Good luck everyone xx


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just finished my 1st week on propoints 1st few days i was extra careful and had 7/8 points left but was full up, towards the end of the week i found i was using all my points and at the weekends i have my treats so used half my weeklys and had a loss of 4lb so im chuffed, i honestly thought i wouldnt have a great loss because i was allowed so much more to eat than on the old plan but its working so far