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new to calorie counting

Hi everyone need a bit of advice ive been doing slimming world for 18 months and lost 3 stone i just cant shift anymore getting fed up with the diet .imveggie and dont eat pasta or rice.Was going to try counting cals instead but dont know how many i would need to have a day im 5-7 and 12 stone 13 pounds would like to get to 11 stone would be great full if somebody could let me know thanks
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Hiya, welcome :)

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link or not, but if you google "how many calories do I need to lose weight?" you'll get a tonne of calorie calculators. That's what I first used before I opened a calorie counter for my food diary.

Hope that's of some help!
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I'm not sure how to help you other than give you Goodlucks! Ive been calorie counting for two months and lost 25lbs aka 2 stones. So make a goal of losing around 2lbs a week it will help! Goodluck hun and if you need anything let me know and ill try my best to do so.

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Good luck chaz. You may find that an online diet service helps you get the hang of CCing, I use Tesco diets and they work out my cal allowance and suggest meal plans for me although it is fully customisable so I can choose my own meals on a daily basis. I am aware that I plug Tesco quite a bit on here, other online diet services are available! I found it invaluable in my first few weeks, though, and feel like I've learned enough about CCing to set me up for life. But if you don't want to shell out for a subscription then all the info I've gained from them is probably available on the net for free to anyone who is willing to spend the time googling.

Well done on your weight loss so far, 3 stone is amazing and you must have tremendous willpower so I'm sure you'll do well CCing.
Thanks for the reply,s every one ive been looking on the net to get as much info as possible if i get stuck i shall come on here and ask you lovely people i think ill be ok with the diet just need to get use to not eating 2 or 3 jacket spuds and thinking its free food that was all i seemed to eat with slimming world dont get me wrong its a great diet i just need a break from it


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SW encourages you to fill yourself up with "free foods", which prevents your stomach shrinking and thus prevents you gaining control over your hunger.

With so many definitions of vegetarian it's hard to offer advice without knowing where on the scale you sit. Where do you get your protein from?

Do you drink alcohol? Do you smoke? What're your favourite foods? What do you eat most often?

An excellent calorie calculator is here: Calorie Calculator - as you lose weight the calories you need will change, so it's best to re-check every time you drop a few pounds.

The calorie calculator will tell you how many to eat to lose 1 or 2lbs per week. 2lbs is the ideal maximum for sustainability and healthy weight loss.

Get your calories from healthy foods where possible - vegetables, fruits, unprocessed goods. Don't panic if you resort to a bag of crisps once in a while, just be sure to factor it in to your daily total. Even a bit of cheese now and then isn't a crisis, so long as you don't eat a whole block of it ;)

Once you've been calorie counting for a few weeks you get a much better steer for what's worth your time eating, and what's not worth it. And as yummy as chocolate is, it just ain't worth it most of the time :D

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