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New to Forum

Hi, welcome to the forum. I've been on slimming world 4 weeks and lost 8lbs but only just got my head into gear this week. Are you going to class? Hope you do well.

Roz x


Needs a flattering photo
Welcome to Minis!! I'm on CD but will no doubt see you around! Good luck getting back into SW
time to do a ticker ? xx


I ate my willpower!
Welcome to the forum! There is a thread at the top of the post's page with loads of really nice recipies. Good luck on trying to lose weight before your hols. As long as you stick to the plan, I am sure you will get to where you want to be!
hi there,
I used to go to class but i found it too expensive so i got myself a good scales and im going to follow the diet and weigh myself every week. I have all the books still so im going to go it alone and with the help of you guys :D
Hi, Im another one thats new to slimming world - started three weeks ago, I found it easy in the first 2 week, lost 6lbs then 4lbs, dont think I'll do as well this week. well done to everyone else.
Am trying to get my ticker thingy to show up.... dunno where Im going wrong!! xxx
Hi, Thats amazing good on you :D
Lol im trying to get a ticker too but dont know how?? if you figure it out can you let me know.
Cheers :D
Welcome all and well done so far! Any questions just pop em down and students who do nothing but drink and go on the internet ie. me, will help you :D
Am still trying vowels (and thanks) - iv managed to make a ticker - just cant get it on here!! Any idea how we do it SkinnyMalink?!!!!! xx
Have managed it - click on someone elses and then make your own, once you've configured it you cut copy and past the URL into your box, good luck xx
But it was there a minute ago... honest

Hello vowles and welcome..
Welcome to the madhouse lol ! good luck with your weight loss, any probs, post them on here
Good luck again
Ruthy xxx

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