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Extra Easy New to MiniMins and Slimming World!



Want to lose a stone!
Me too! I just joined and get weighed Tuesday too.

Ive found it easy so far. Had a wobble of doubt on thursday when it all got a bit confusing because I breastfeed and realised I wasnt doing it right but I seem to be back on track!

Good luck for Tuesday!
Hey! Yeah it all gets a bit confusing I seem to be checking EVERYTHING online at the mo haha! Keeping a food diary really helps and to be honest i feel like I'm always eating!
I have all my syns left for today so may treat myself to a chicken chow mein from the Chinese (7 syns)

Good luck for your weigh in too!
P.s. Have you tried slimming world chips?!
I'm new too and finding it ok and seem to be eating loads. New to Minimins too and finding it confusing but sure I'll get the hang of it. looks like excellent support which is what I need!
Hi there:) so what are your goal weights? I am wanting to go from 11 stone 1 to 9 stone 7... Haven't set a goal date as not sure what is realistic. I'm five foot five by the way
I'm over 17 stone and really want to get to about 14 at least. I think I will feel so much healthier with 3 stone off. I haven't set a target date, I just want to chip away slowly and enjoy my slimming world journey. I always give up when the going gets tough - anything for an easy life so I am determined this time to work through the tough times with the help of my fellow slimmers. I'm an 18/20 and would love to wear a 14!

Good luck everyone x
Quite a few people have said I'm being stupid for doing slimming world but at my height I am just into the overweight category, I always think you know your own body and I've creeped up from 9 and a half and think if I didn't tackle it now where would I stop. I'm snacking on a 15g bag of dairy milk buttons (4 syns) frozen so they last longer! What slimming world foods have you tried?
Did you know you can make syn free crisps! I've made them twice already this week. :)
Peel potatoes, slice with potato peeler very thin, spray plate with fry light, place potatoes out none overlapping, spinkle with salt one more spray of fry light on top and put in the microwave for 4 mins but keep an eye so they don't burn or may take longer in diff microwaves. Leave to cool and there you have it!
I don't think that worked so sorry if I post this twice. Peel potatoes, thinly slice them, fry light your plate place potatoes out none overlapping one more spray of fry light and some salt. Microwave for about 4 mins depending on your microwave keep an eye so they don't burn. Wait to cool and there you have it x
Anyone know how to follow this thread rather than having to search for it?
This will be third attempt to post recipe for crisps!!!!!
Peel potatoes
Slice with potato peeler thin
Fry light plate
Place potatoes on plate none overlapping
Another spray of fry light and some salt
Microwave for 4 mins ( depending on your microwave)
Make sure they don't burn so keep an eye.
Leave to cool,
I'm new too!

I'm starting Slimming World tomorrow :eek:
Not too sure what I weigh till I get on the scales in the morning but I'm determined THIS TIME to not give up after a week! How are you finding it so far? There seems to be so much to take in! x
aesir22 said:
Erm...i'm not totally sure but i think the crisps need to be syned? Sure i read that somewhere, check with your consultant
Yes. No such thing as syn free crisps i'm afraid. They are considered food abuse & have to be synned as if you were eating them on a red day, regardless of what day you're on at the time.
Ah right Id never heard that. Ill ask my consulatant. I've never done a red day before so I'll ask her and find out. Ah I'm gutted haha! I haven't had 15 syns everyday so should be ok for this week. And yeah there is a lot to take in but you get in the swing of things!

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