New to Slimming World...How can I eat this much and lose weight?How to use your syns?


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Hello all,

I was wondering if you could help - I joined a Slimming World group on Thursday - im really panicking that 1. im eating too much and 2. im conscious that im not eating my syns.

On Friday i had wholemeal toast, homemade soup (SW recipe) and then turkey burgers( SW recipe) & salad (all were syn free, for snacks I had fruit. I drank mainly fruit tea and water.

On Saturday I had the above apart from for dinner i had beef and mixed bean chilli (SW recipe) I did have 8 syns but that's because i went out for drinks.

Yesterday I had poached eggs, fruit, chicken and veg rice (SW recipe), diet coke and fruit tea.

I am eating lots of fruit and veg and I feel that I am being really healthy but I think as im cautious of being on a 'diet' i don't want to eat crisps or chocolate as my syns as i struggle to understand how i could lose weight.

Any tips on how I could get syns in without feeling bad?

Any feedback is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Lou :)
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I had that feeling of not wanting to eat bad things when I first started. You need to use them otherwise you won't lose weight as the plan needs those syns to have everything else working properly.

You meals look fine, you do roughly the same thing I do. Have meals that are low syn or no syn then you are stuck with the fact of having to eat those syns at some point. I use them during the evening when I am watching tele or doing something else that is just as mind numbing. Don't feel bad about eating 'junk' as long as you have things in moderation as that's what the plan is all about.

So in the evening I will have fat free greek yoghurt with/without muller light and a meringue (2.5 or 3 syns total) a baked packet of crisps (5syns) or packet of french fries (4) a piece of asda high end chocolate (70% cocoa works to 2.5 syns a piece) ice poles 3 of them are either 1 or 1.5 syns.

Or if you prefer you can use your syns in your meals. Rather than using fry light use a Tbsp on olive oil, and such like. It depends on if you want to have treats or not. But do use them otherwise not having any will cause your weight to stall or you might go all out and binge because you're being restrictive with treats.


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Just trust the plan, it works :) xxx


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Thanks @lemonblondie I might pop to the supermarket after work and get some baked crisps and have a look at other stuff too (I just feel guilty) and maybe changing my oil as that will increase my syns like you said. I'm kind of just taking it day by day and just getting lots of questions together ready for my weigh in, i suppose ill find out how im doing on Thursday. But like you said I need my syns for it to work but I just cant seem to get my head around it... :)

Thanks Lizzie, I hope so! :)


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S: 16st6lb C: 16st0lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 35.6 Loss: 0st6lb(2.61%)
you're welcome. I know what other healthy eating plan says 'please eat rubbish if you wish?' At first I stayed away from pretty much everything, then would get these massive cravings to eat junk hence I started incorporating them into my day (not that I need them every day, but have to use my syns somehow). I think it is an adjustment in seeing food as not the enemy.

Don't get disheartened if you find you're not losing tons of weight. I was 100% on the plan doing green days only and lost in 4 months 4lbs. I realised that it was the extra hex a and b that was causing my issues of not losing weight. I normally wouldn't have that much cheese or other things in a day so my body was really enjoying it. So I switched to ee and am losing about 2lbs a week.

My best advice is to keep a diary either here or on paper as then you can see what good things you've done to lose weight and incorporate those into the following weeks, or if you're having an issue you can go back and investigate and take whatever the issue is out of the equation. If you keep one on here we can then take a look for you if you are having trouble and can't spot things.

You also might find that one plan does or doesn't work for you. I think in classes they are encouraging ee (I do it at home so have no idea), but some people find that that plan doesn't work well for them and then do red or green or mix it up. If you're not losing what you think you should or want, then trying a different plan for a week and comparing losses to the other plans will show what plan works better for your body. Everyone is different so ee works for me better than green, and red might work better for you than green. So don't assume everyone is losing the same weight on all plans as that's not how our bodies are working, they like certain things and do better on certain plans.

When in doubt, shout as people are always very helpful and friendly.
Hi, I think Lemonblondie has given you some great advice, I really do and so it's hard to add it other than to reiterate what's she's already told you.

Trust in the plan, it really does work, I know it doesn't seem possible when you can eat so much. Also, I tended to shy away from syns to begin with. It wasn't really a concious decision, I guess I just wasn't sure what to have. I think as the weeks go by you tend to experiment a little more and become a bit more relaxed as your confidence in the plan grows. Now if I eat ryvitas or oatcakes at lunch they form part of my syns and an evening treat is options hot chocolate drink (2 syns) and some mikado sticks (0.5 syns each). To me it's like a reward to myself for staying on plan all day.

Good luck with everything and your weigh in, I'm sure you'll have a great result :)


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Thanks both of you! :)

I had a hot chocolate yesterday as part of my syn - which was really nice and I didnt feel too guilty as it was a drink (i need to stop feeling guilty) today I have had a yogurt as part of my lunch and im going to have ryvita's this afternoon so im slowly building my syns up. I suppose like you have both said trust the plan but until ive had my first weigh in its hard too. Fingers crossed for Thursday and then maybe I will relax into it a bit more when I have the proof that its actually working!

@lemonblondie - In class I have only been told about ee ... red and green haven't even been mentioned - she just said see how we go on this for now. i like the thought of ee more than the others though so fingers crossed this plan works for me!

Thanks for your advice! :)


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It works, follow it :D