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new to slimming world

Hi, i am new to minins and slimming world and would like to post my food diary to make sure i am doin it right as i seem to be eating alot...


Breakfast- 3 rashers turkey bacon, 2 eggs mushrooms and tinned tomatoes and 2 slices wholemeal bread (heB)
Lunch-jacket potatoe with beans and cheese (heA) and salad
Dinner-spag bol from the recipie book with pasta
snacks-1 banana

Sin- 0


Breakfast-same as above to use up my open packet of bacon inc heB, glass of milk (heA)
Lunch-jacket potatoe with tuna sweetcorn and mayo(5 sins)
Dinner-same as above as i had leftovers but i had salad with it today
Snacks-1 banan, muller light toffee, 1 meringue nest (3 sins) with a cherry muller light over it


Any help greatly apprecieated as like i say i feel like i am eating too much and dont understand how i could possibly lose weight :confused:
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Sorry forgot to say i am following the extra easy plan
Hello and welcome to the forum! ;)

Your menu looks fine to me, just remember to have a 1/3 of superfree food with your meals and have at least 5 syns a day.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Try and have some syns too. They dont have to be used for things like chocolate or crisps, they can be used for mayonnaise, sauces, gravies and other things.
Try and vary what you are eating daily too. Your body gets used to digesting the same meals and your weight loss could slow down. Have a look at some of the other food diaries on here to give you some ideas.

Good luck!
ok thanks guys al keep updating my food diary for more tips :)
Your plan looks good to me. Don't worry about eating too much. Your body knows when it is full enough. Just don't allow yourself to get hungry - not good for your metabolism. Loads of recipes on here so tuck in and enjoy! x

Breakfast- 2 quorn sausage, 2 eggs and 2 slices wholemeal bread (HExB)
Lunch-jacket potatoe with tuna sweetcorn and mayo(5 Sins)
1 meringue nest (3 sins) with sliced banana and a muller light yoghurt over
Dinner-spicy meatballs and rice from recipe book, glass of milk(HExA)

Sins= 8

Is this ok???:confused:
Right ok so it was sat yesterday which means both kids were away at nanas for the night :) me n my hubby always have a drink on a sat n i couldnt resist temptation :( i started off with vodka but i really didnt like it so i ended up on the fosters......

Breakfast:- omlette with 3 eggs and (HExA) cheese,2 slices of wholemeal bread )HExB)
Snack:- packet of sainsburys hot n spicy chicken breast slices(1 sin)]
Tea:-savoury rice with homemade chicken kebabs(2 sins for oil to marinade)
Drinks:- 3 vodkas with pepsi max
3 cans of fosters (34 1/2 sins)

Sins:-37 1/2 :cry:

But i havent been havin all my sins during the week and worked out that i am only 11 1/2 sins over for the week so if i dont use them all today that will cancel them out ....i think:confused:....can i do this???

Also do i have to have 1/3 free foods with every meal cause i am strugglin with this !!

Please help x

Breakfast:- omlette 2 eggs and cheese (HExA) with 2 quorn sausage and 2 slices wholemeal bread (HExB) tin of spaghetti
Lunch:- sainsburys sweet chilli chicken with savoury rice
Tea:- Peppered filet steak with mushroom sauce(from magazine) with s/w chips
Snack:- muller light cherry, strawberrys,banana and apple with banana muller light over top, cadburys light mousse(3 sins)

Sins:- 3 :)

Back on track now for the week sins wise, Hope im doin this right :confused: could someone please let me know x

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