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new to slimming world

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hi all am going to join and start my first slimming world class on wednesday. am feeling a little nervous as going on my own. the hardest step is going in the first place. don't know how much i weigh yet will find out on wednesday.

Any tips or advice would be most appreciated thanks in advance

sharon :thankyou:
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Hi are you the Sharon from the WW board? I hope so I posted loads on there as Tess0203.

If you are not I am sorry and good luck and welcome. This board is excellent read plenty and post frequently nd you will get to know people.



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hi sharon :welcome: and good luck on your journey i'm sure you'll do fine xx


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Hi Sharon, welcome to the board, and welcome to SW.
I know it can be a bit scary to go on your own, but there are many girls who do (and even men) and you'll make lots of friends too :eek:)

I only knew how much I weighed when I joined - and its better to join now - dont be scared of what numbers are on the scales your joining for a good reason! xx
C: 11st10lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3
woohoo great to see you hear Sharon, I miss the weightwatchers board.

Have you contacted your consultant to let her know you are coming? Sometimes that helps as she will be looking out or you when you go. Are you going to a daytime or evening class?

When you go listen carefully to the new member talk and then be prepared to read and reread your book. It seems complicated especially the healthy extras but it really isn't once you get your head around it. (extra easy is not disimilar to the core plan)

Hang out on these boards a lot and don't be afriad to ask questions

If you want to send me a message with any questions feel free.



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I think it does make it harder to walk through the door the first time, but there are definite advantages to joining alone (have done both). If you're with your make you tend to stick to yourselves more, and others find it more intimidating to approach you as they might feel like they're intruding. Also, if your diet-buddy stops going it can mean that you're more likely to stop as well.

You will find the group very warm, friendly and welcoming (although I personally find that the clapping can be a little disconcerting). I def agree that it'll be easier if you've phoned the consultant for a chat first.


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I started Slimming World online today. Ive got a load of weight to lose (about 6 and a half stone) some of it already there, and a stone of it gained when I quit smoking 3 months ago. I would love some support from like minded people, cant be doing the the group atmosphere of an actual ''group'', thats why I dont go to classes. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed, that I reach my target weight in April 2011 has the SW online calculator predicted.

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Hi there
I totally agree walking into the group is the hardest thing. You will soon get to know people there. Whatever the numbers on the scales it will be the last time you see them !!
Good luck on your journey xx
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I know how you feel having started just last Monday evening. I went on my own and didn't know a soul but once in the room it was fine. Now very much looking forward to tomorrows meeting - fingers crossed for a loss!

Yes they seem to clap for everything don't they!

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