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New to Slimming World

Hi there . I joined slimming world last Tuesday for the first time. I'm hoping to loose almost 5 stone yikes. I think I understand the plan but havn't quite got my head around it yet . I was thrilled to find this forum as all my friends are super healthy skinnies who can't understand why i struggle with my weight so much, so I tend not to talk to them about it much. I know its not going to be easy but so far this week I havn't been hungry.
I look forward to getting to know you all xxx
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Reached Target. woohoo
Nice to meet you hun, you will do great with SW. Ask away if you have any questions everyone is really nice and helpful and we are all in the same boat. Make sure you check out the recipe threads and good luck. xxx Loobylou
Hi and Welcome. SW is so good your friends won't believe how much you can eat, or that you are on a diet. Good luck with your first week, I hope you enjoy the plan
Thanks for the warm welcome. it was because of this forum i decided to try SW. The support and inspiration you all give really gave me the push to join .
I've been following it all week and can honestly say I've not felt hungry. It's slightly weird actually. Usually when I start a diet or eating plan ,I know i'm on a diet because I'm hungry or irritable or light headed, feel deprived and hubby gives me a wide berth because I'm so grumpy but I've been none of the above:D:D so if I go to my Wi on tuesday and loose a lb I'll be delighted.
Can I ask a question, do you have to eat syns every day? Are they completely optional ?
Thanks x
It is best to eat some because as you go along they are the part you can cut out if you need to tweak your diet. Plus they are there so you can enjoy things you might miss otherwise. I would try and incorporate at least 5 a day into your diet but it is personal preference and your consultant will advise you best.
Thanks for that . I've had approx 10 syns everyday so far and wasn't sure if I was being a pig:p by always using them
hello and welcome, glad you're enjoying the diet so far! I tend to have all 15 syns a day so dont worry bout your 10!! xxx
Hi Daisy and welcome,

I started Tuesday too, still trying to get my head around the whole thing but enjoying it so far.... good luck

Gail x


Trying again!!!
Hi and welcome - I have only recently started SW too and so far am finding it great - took awhile to get my head around the diet but I'm nearly there! This forum is fantastic - everyone is very supportive and helpful - I look forward to logging on every day. Good luck with your weight loss journey, mxx


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Welcome! I've been doing SW since September, and have lost 1st 4lbs so far! Am feeling very chuffed with myself! I tried WW and all the other major ones and failed miserably. So if I can do it, I'm sure you can too! Good luck with your journey!
Hello and welcome!

I tend to use all my syns as well (105 throughout the week) and it hasn't been affecting my losses, so enjoy them!

Good luck for your first WI on Tues, and let us know how you get on! :)
Thanks everyone , I really appreciate the warm welcome. It's great to see how well everyone is doing with SW and it's a great motivation for me. Good luck everyone else following the same plan. Hope we all reach our goals xx

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