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Extra Easy new to SW - advice please from you nice people!

Hi everyone

have been lurking and getting some great tips on these threads...have been doing SW EE for just over 2 weeks now and am happy with it, although I've only lost 2 1/2lbs...

Anyway, knew I was going out for lunch yesterday and tried to be good but failed miserabley :sigh:

had mussels in a tomato broth to start (but with gorgeous garlic bread), then <whispers> fish and chips for the main...my dd did help me out with half the chips and it wasn't a massive portion, but still. It was yummy. Also had 2 glasses of white wine.

When I came home I tried to redeem myself and had a free salad for dinner...but then 'discovered' an easter egg and ATE THE WHOLE THING. :mad:

I am mad at myself. I have started fresh today and so far have had all bran with fruit, and made a pot of free veg soup (sweet potatoes, fennel, parsnip, onions, red pepper, can tomatoes, chicken stock and lots of herbs/spices) and am feeling fine...

my question is this - when you've had a 'relapse' like I did yesterday, do you still include syns in the next day's food or do you avoid them for a few days? I was just going to have the soup for my dinner tonight and maybe a muller light and fruit afterwards, and if I need to I'll snack on fruit. Is it necessary to have syns every day, or are they an optional extra?

TIA ! :eek:
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its up to you really. You could do that or wipe the board clean and start again. I count my syns on a weekly basis and deduct them from the total on a daily basis. I find it gives me more flexibility on the weekend and I can spoil myself a alittle bit more without going haywire syns wise.


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Whatever you decide to do you should still have at least 5 syns a day.


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I'd draw a line and stay with minimal syns, as Circes said.. 5 today. Have you tried alternating the days a bit? Try doing 2 Red days, then 2 EE ones for a week, see if that makes a difference with your losses. Good luck anyway and try and stay away from the wine, lol.. thats the worst syns, if you are like me, one glass leads to 5 glasses!! lol x
Thanks for the replies!

Circes - I've 'seen' you on MN....! (hope it's ok to say that)

Have been doing well since Sunday - probably having no more than 5 syns a day and that's just the agave sweetener I use in my tea, haven't had anything else..feeling hopeful! Have just read that I should be adding 1/3 superfree foods to every meal, even if my food already has superfree foods in it? Tonight I had spag bol, made with celery, carrots and mushrooms in it, made from scratch so free...should I be now sitting eating something superfree too?

I'm not hungry any more! :confused:

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