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New to SW and struggling!

Hi I started slimming world last monday in the UK and am really struggling to get my head around it!

I cant decide which day to go on and how to put a meal together! Is it best to stick with one colour for a bit to try and understand it?

Also how do you actually lose weight when you can eat a massive amount of carbs etc?!

I think im just being extremely dense but please help!!!

Thanks all :)
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Can you not follow the Extra Easy plan?
Basically you can eat anything...(meat, carbs, potatoes) and then have healthy extras and 15 syns per day.
I couldnt get to grips with red and green days. If i can eat unlimited pasta i would. `but with Xtra easy it doesnt feel like a diet.
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I tried SW last year and just couldn't get my head round it but I think its because like you said you doubt what your told to do because you don't think it can work. This time I haven't doubted I have just believed and done it and it works. Extra Easy is the best thing ever, my hubby actually asked if I was still following it because he couldn't belive the food I was having.

I have always done WW but never again, I am determind this will work for me.


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Carbohydrates are relatively low in energy density. What makes them calorific is the sauces we put on the top. Research shows that people tend to eat the same weight of food each day, regardless of the calories it contains. So by eating mostly foods with a low energy density you'll feel satisfied on fewer calories.
Extra easy is about eating lots of nutrient dense unprocessed foods which will leave you too full for that oh so tempting packet of biscuits, but, if you have room to squeeze in a couple of them take them as syns.
carbohydrates have had a bad press but just like with everything else moderation is the key. It is about recognising when you are full up and as SW states "eat until you are satisfied" not eating just because you can xx


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i have only just started SW and im doing extra easy, you really do just have to eat! im so used to not eating it was a bit of a shock to the system and i keep worrying that im gonna have put a load of weight on from the amount i have eaten! but im trusting its going to work as it works for everyone else!!
only on day 5 and im amazed how much better i feel, i feel less bloated and much happier and energetic!


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It does feel weird and goes against anything we may have tried before with other 'diets', but you really do have to just trust the plan :) What Rosie said is right. Just remember that when doing extra easy to fill 1/3 of your plate with superfree veg. I mostly do EE and have managed a great loss in the last 6 months, so it really DOES work :D

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