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new to this and doubtfull

Hi and Welcome!!

No-one is really ignoring you, but you've actually made this thread in the Weight-loss Diary sub-forum. You might get more of a response in the main section. Don't worry, I know that it gets confusing finding your way around... it does get easier!! :D


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Hi hun. have you tried posting on the sw forum?

I personally couldnt get on with sw as i found it just gave me licence to overeat! But good luck with whatever you decide x


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Some people do well on SW, some people don't. I didn't. I tried it after doing WW which I was always hungry on. However, on SW I never seemed to lose so I left SW to try Pro Points and I love it and never go hungry. You just have to find what one works for you. Good luck!

Im on SW and it really does work! As long as you fill your plate with super free foods as well and stick within your syn limit you cant fail. I always found i was hungry on WW and i find SW alot more flexible. But each plan works differently for different people.
Either way good luck!!
i didnt like the old ww plan but the propoints i find brillant, im not hungry, love the fruit being free as im always munching on it, but what was it you found confusing?


Loving MiniMins :)
I have to agree with Irishlady propoints is much easier to stick with :) and is alot more practical for real life

Mairead Xx


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I did sw until i got to the last stone then I was still eating too big portions for my reducing size and kept putting weight on even doing it to the letter. SW does work if you can really tell the difference between head and tummy hunger. Sadly i couldn't. Good luck x
I've never done sw so can't say if its good or not but I have always lost weight on ww and I am never hungry. How can you get hungry when fruit & veg is zero points????????!!!!!!!!! :eek: