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New to this diet, i need help & support

the main tip is stick at it dont cheat. Go have a long hot bath have a late meal go to bed early, read a book keep busy, you'll be fine. just chill it aint easy but plod on. Good luck Tasha xxxxx


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
I don't do LT but same principles on Cd ... don't give in - the 1st 3days are the worst. Drink plenty of water ... brush your teeth and watch the weight disappear!
......and keep coming on here. x


too hot to handle!!
tash i'm on day 2 too,,my house like a new pin cause i'm so bored,,realise now how much picking i did
...................and how much cleaning you didnt do lol xx
Tash keep on wiht it it does get easier. The hunger will stop i split my vanilla into two and have one in the morning with coffee in it and the other in the afternoon i find that helps its ike a milky coffee twice a day yummy


From LipoTrim to Cambridg
S: 14st7lb C: 9st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 5st0lb(34.48%)
Started Lipotrim yesterday so today is my 2nd day. I weigh 14stone & want to get down to about 10. This is so hard today i just feel like caving in & eating something. I feel like i need to have some taste on my mouth & my tummy is rumbling.
Does anyone have any tips or help for me?
Much appreciated.
Tasha xx :confused:
Hello Tash, were about the same. Its my 2nd day as well and I'm 14st 3lbs and need to get to around 9.5st/10st.

I'm also finding it a struggle, the smells I smelt today as I was walking around town were almost too much for me and I had to dash home and get a shake down me.

But I understand from everyone here and what I've read on other web sites that it does get easier once your body changes from burning glycogen (sugars/carbs) to burning your stored fat. Once it burns the fat, which we all have so much of, we wont be hungry anymore. We will get the odd psycological craving now and again, but thats not physical hunger...... I'm actually suprised how much physical hunger can hurt.

Still, what dosnt kill you makes you stronger.

Stick with it... I'll race ya!
keep at it as it does get easier! my guess is if you carry on this week as you have done two days already. and you go for your weigh in you will be so glad that you kept on it, you owe yourself a week. believe me you will be so glad you did!.x
Day 5 on my diet & i ate chocolate last night :(

I'm so upset & angry with myself:cry:
I really don't know if i should carry on today or just stop it. Help please? Tash x
Dont give up - my first three days I had a brain splitting headache which lasted from the time I got up till around 11.30 each day and I thought I couldnt take it then amazingly it stopped on the fourth day and after that it was so easy..... and when you get your first weigh in you will be so motivated to carry on that you wont know what you were fussing about - you just have to get to that point!!

Remember you are not doing this to punish yourself - you are doing this to set yourself free....!!
I felt really off yesterday so i didnt have any milkshakes then woke up & ate 2 kit kats. I know i should be drinking my shakes but they are discusting. Does the taste go after a while? Thank you so much


too hot to handle!!
aw tash,,,maybe lt not for you ,,no point if you dont like the shakes,,i love em,,so thats great for me,,dont beat yourself up,,it's very tough at times