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I am just starting weight watchers and I am getting ahead by learning to track my meals now because I know I will be busy with school. So I am planning out meals and what points are which. Last year I lost 30 pounds due to illness in a short time and I felt very weak. I couldn't exercise because of a very horrible stomach and intestine problem, last summer. A year later I have gained back 20 pounds back by eating healthy, although very little activity than I used to but at least I gained healthily. These two year has been hard for recovery, a gradual lactose alergy discovery, discovery of IBD and a change in diet from Vegetarian back to eating a bit of meat that I could tolerate, depression after two deaths in my family and a road to something new in life (Meeting the love of my life and now living with him). Being skinnier felt better and made me think I can lose weight if I try. So I have signed up for WW and am just starting to learn about it. I am determined to lose 60 pounds. Also a friend of mine has shown me a world of Vegan food because of my lactose problem. I think I may trickle back to Vegetarian in January. I also challenged my friends to 90 days of weight loss and 1 or 2 weeks of Being Vegan!!! Some have already agreed and signed up. haha I think weight watchers seems to be a good choice so far.

My new years Resolutions so far:

1. Go back to being Vegetarian again
2. Do one week of complete Veganism
3. Go to the gym more or work out in home more.
4. Get my drivers licence
5. Volunteer for a needy charity
6. Do well in my Nursing Program
7. Learn to cook potatoes.. (damn things never turn out right for me!
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