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Extra Easy New week....New start....!

After two bad weekends in a row, i'm starting again and sorting myself out!

Starting EE today, which i'm finding quite a scary prospect! Do you think my meal plan is ok for today?

Breakfast: Oat So Simple (HEXB) and skimmed milk (HEXA)
Snack: Banana and Muller Light
Lunch: Low Fat Chicken Supernoodles
Dinner: Tesco Light Choices Cumberland Sausages (1 syn each) with Smash and Baked Beans.
Snack: Walkers French Fries (4.5 syns)

So if I eat all that and have my 8.5 syns ( I will probably have 4 sausages) then thats all ok, right?

Cheers all. Hope you have a lovely Monday xx
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I think that perhaps you should add some fruit and veg. I know it's not compulsory on EE but I find it works best if you add the recommended 1/3 superfree foods.
I'd add some chicken or bacon to the supernoodles too so that it feels more like a proper meal than a snack.
Ive literally just added a banana to my list when you commented, thanks :)

Good idea about the bacon in the supernoodles. I might chop some ham up and put that in.

Maybe I should substitute the beans for some veggies instead then?

:) x
The beans count as veg even though they aren't superfree and they will be nice and tasty with the sausages and mash - I'd probably add some mushrooms and then have strawberries with yogurt for pud.


I can do this............
Good luck sarah-jayne i really enjoyed ee and im sure once you get into it you will be fine! Just try and add some fruit and veg in it really does help! x
Thanks Henna. Im excited about it but also very nervous for some reason!

Ok, fruit and veg into my daily routine, got it. Better go shopping tonight. I think EE is going to cost me more than my red/green days!


I will succeed!!!
Have a good week SJ! You're going to be back on track in no time - you always do!

And I am with you (only on red/green/ee combo) as to the getting back on track :)

Hope it goes well xoxox


I will succeed!!!
Thanks Sticky :) Hope you have a lovely week too. You are always on track anyway! x
You'd not have said that if you saw me stalking the pick and mix at the cinema on Saturday. I was like a little ginger veloceraptor (sp?).

Keep us posted on your week missus x
I'd have the beans AND the veg ;) It definitely helps to have more fruit and veg on EE.

I try and have a 2 different veggies with each main meal and will add some to pasta sauces etc.

At my class a few people switched to EE and were unhappy with their losses, but when they looked into what they'd been eating, they had really decreased the veg they had included with their meals.
BTW, I was very nervous of EE when I re started SW - now I love it! My losses have been about the same as when on green/original (when I am really sticking at it!) ;)

Sarah-Jayne...I think I was the world's biggest skeptic when it came to the EE plan!!
Im about to start my third week on it and think its fantastic! why I never started it sooner I will never know!
So far in 2 weeks I have lost 6lbs! (when averaged over the 2 weeks), I am definitely not complaining!! Give it a try and see how you get on. Good luck!
I did not believe EE would work either but I tend to mix my days up as just doing the EE plan on its own did not work for me, wich was a shame. I either gained or STS when I did it. But everyones different. I agree with what everyone is saying though you should definately use your super free foods when you can, its definately best to fill 1/3 of your plate with fruit or veg etc! good luck Sarah Jayne xx
Thanks ddrgirl, always good to hear of experiances whether they are good or bad. It is a shame EE didnt work for you, I am worried about it not working for me either but feel its time for a shake up and give it a go. I will try and get the extra fruit and veg in there for sure.

Probably a stupid question but do you think it would matter whether that veg is frozen or fresh? Being on a budget I cant really afford to buy fresh veg every couple of days.


I will succeed!!!
SJ I use frozen veggies a lot too and I've never thought to check if it mattered! The adverts say frozen is better though... ;-) xxx
Frozen veg should be totally fine! It can often be better for you as it is frozen pretty much as soon as it is picked, so whereas we can lose vitamins with veg in the fridge, they'll still be there in your frozen ones. :)
Me too...super-sceptical about EE. But after doing the odd day here and there, found it so convenient it's what I do most of the time now, with the odd red or green day when I want more milk/cheese/Bstuff.

I agree with everyone else really - it's so easy to eat just red and green free foods and let the superfree slide . If you can get fruit snacks in and some extra veggies with your meals, I'm sure EE will be a winner for you hun :D

And glad you're back on ye olde wagon!!


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