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    Cambridge Diet
    Hi thinking of joining, can you give me a quick ruin through how the diet works, I've always done slimming world
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    Weight Watchers
    You are given a daily propoints based on your weight, height, gender etc which you are meant to use each day and not go below that amount.

    You are also allowed 49 weekly points, which you use however you wish, either in one go, over the week or not at all.

    Majority of foods have propoints which is worked out based on Protein, Carbs, Fat and Fibre. Most fruit and veg are zero propoints with some exceptions eg avacado, peas, sweetcorn, potatoes etc.

    Good luck with it, it can see daunting at the start as you have to work out propoints of every food but you will soon get the hang of it and the foods you use most you will get to know off by heart.

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