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You did the hardest bit babe - going through the door!

am sure you'll be just fine



Will be thin god dammit!!
Well done for taking the plunge!
If you get stuck everyone on here will help you, we're a friendly bunch x
Good Luck!


Yummy Mummy! xx
well done on taking the first step!

Everyone on here is in the same position and we all help each other out with ideas, questions etc etc.

have a great first week! x


Onwards and downwards!
Welcome to Minimins and Slimming World. I know how hard the first week can be but just stick at it and once you start to see the results you will feel great and it will get easier. For me it just became a way of life and I don't have to think too much about what I'm going to eat because you learn syn values and what free food and whats not etc. Good luck!! :)


Just keep slimming....

Newbie here too!! I joined last wednesday so first weigh in tomorrow night - very nervous - hoping to have lost weight but seem to be eating lots so don't see how I can!!
This is the first time I have formally dieted or gone to groups - so here is hoping :)
Welcome Hep and Lenlu, good luck with everything and keep visiting minimins, we're all happy to help and support.:)
Welcome to minmins and slimming world
All the best, and if you have any queries just ask
As someone said earlier, we're all in the same boat
Good luck

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Hello and welcome xxx
Hiya - Welcome to the forum :)

Looking at your ticker you will be suprised at how achievable that loss is, trust me!! I joined in Jan & am needing another 5lbs & that will take me to 3 1/2 stones which never in my wildest dreams did i feel i would get to.

It really does become a way of life & you will learn to cook some dishes that you just won't believe are "diet" food!!

Good luck for your journey :D

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