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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by believer77, 7 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    Hi guys,

    I have always been overweight since at least 7 or 8 years old. I have tried to lose weight before and actually managed to get down to 13 stone but then put it all back on again.

    I'm hoping this time I can motivate myself to do it. Any loss is good, that's what I need to realise rather then getting disappointed that I haven't lost tons.

    I want to lose weight for my kids and for myself. Next week is my birthday so hoping I can start this new year getting closer to achieving my goal.

    Today I ordered a fitbit for myself and also dug out my old slimming world stuff looking to join again.

    Anyway hello to all and I hope we all achieve our goals

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  3. petlamb21

    petlamb21 Member

    Hi, i'm doing slimming world too, good luck with it all! Have you got your fitbit yet? :)
  4. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    Hi Petlamb21,

    Sorry I have no idea why i didn't see your reply before :confused:

    Yes I got it on Thursday and so far it seems good, I get motivated to try and do 10000 steps a day, especially if I am close I will just pace up and down in order to meet target :D
  5. lumina

    lumina Full Member

    welcome to the forum, I used to do SW many years ago and have tried every diet since after piling it all back on again. I rejoined SW 7 weeks ago and lost a stone in my first month. EE is so simple, I hope you enjoy SW again. Facebook has some great recipe and support groups as well as here on mini's, have a look. Good luck in your quest!
  6. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    Thanks for the welcome lumina :)

    This forum is great. Still haven't had time to go through the recipes properly but definately on the list of my things to do.

    Foodwise its been good. Not really feeling hungry and I so far am keeping to 1/3 superfree foods, which I failed last time.

    Good luck in your quest too.
  7. diviajar

    diviajar Full Member

    I'm wishing you the strength to stick to whatever you decide to do.
    We all can do it, I'm sure!

    You're so right, being healthier is the goal. Anything we lose is a step in the right direction. :)

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