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Hi, I am new to the forum but been following SW since October. I like the plan and am doing green as I don't eat a lot of meat but have struggled to lose weight for almost the last two months. I had a slight gain (3lbs) over Christmas as I was off for 3 weeks and the gym was closed. I lost 3 and a half pounds on my second week back after Christmas and last week maintained my weight.

My problem is that it has been two months since I lost any proper weight and have been teetering around the stone award now for ages. I am getting a bit disheartened as I go to the gym every day and I follow the plan but seem to have plateaued and now I am getting stressed about it.
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Hi pb, firstly congrats on losing that first stone!! That's really great since October- I don't see that as slow progress especialy with Chrimbo in the way of it all!! Never easy!

You say you are doing lots of exercise- do you think that you may be losing inches? Did you measure yourself when you started? Do you feel your clothes getting looser and feel like you're toning up?

The other thing I want to ask is do you keep a food diary? If not it may be worth doing- it certainly helps to stay focused and there may be things that you're doing wrong syns wise that hadn't occurred to you!! Maybe you could post a diary on here like lots of people (myself included) do and others can add comments! You may also inspire others with great ideas for meals! Maybe you have hit a bit of a plateau, in which case I would recommend changing things a bit!! Maybe try some different recipes, or cut down on something you eat lots of and try eating more of something else! Up your superfree if possible and drink loads of water! Cut down on bread if you eat this and try more superspeed foods like white fish, pulses and peas, citrus fruits and berries! Spice things up a bit, I'm sure you'll start seeing those losses soon!X


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Hi! A food diary is definitely the way to go. It may be any number of things but this may help highlight where the problem is. It could be too much free food, not enough superfree food or maybe even that you are not eating enough, particularly if you are doing a lot of exercise. But that said you had a big loss the week after christmas so it would not be unusual to sts the following week. Some people just work in two or even four week cycles. I know that I would have a big(ish) loss one week then very small or sts the following week. Once I recognised this it was not an issue. So celebrate what you have achieved so far and congratulate yourself for managing to get back on plan after the holidays. I know a lot of people are still struggling to do that.


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S: 13st13lb C: 13st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st13lb(6.67%)
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I have been writing things down but if I am honest I think I have been a bit sparse on the superfree foods. Some days if I have a free item for lunch ie Batchelors Pasta n Sauce (tomato and onion) I will just have the free food on the plate. Should I make up salad to go with it or have some fruit after? Will it make a difference to my weight loss if I do this?

I seem to have been eating the same sorts of things for a while so I decided to make a few recipes from the SW cookbooks and am hoping that changing it up will help. I am going to maybe try the online diary on SW website and post it on here so that I am accountable for what I eat. I write it all down at the moment but feel like I may need a change to the whole routine.