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Newbie Here

Hi all
Although I have been a member of LL since end of June, due to hols etc I actually started the plan last Sunday. Class is Wednesday evenings. At my first weight in (like pop-in really due to time) I lost 3.3lbs and I am absolutely delighted! Will have my "proper" weight on on Wednesday and I hope I can get over the half stone mark.
I read in the LL book the following and this is now my mantra which I repeat numerous times per day - I think it's fab!


Any tips would be gratefully received

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Hi Minnie

I started on Tuesday (group is on Monday nights) so I am currently on day 4 - so just 2 days behind you! I had my pop-in last night and lost 4.2lb so hopefully I can make it half a stone by Monday night as well.
How are you getting on and liking the packs?

MM x
First of all well done on your loss - fantastic :wow:
I do not like the veg or chicken. I think the raspberry is gorgous especiall with ice. I have the chocolate one hot just before bed time.

What about you?


I'm not particularly taken with any of them but the best seem to be the raspberry and strawberry shakes (taste a bit like angel delight to me) and the chicken and mushroom soups are alright. I've just eaten my first bar (lemon) and it was a HUGE disappointment - had to force myself to finish it - hope the others are better! I had to swap my remaining chocolate pack 'cos I can't stand them - odd considering my love for chocolate! :eek:)
I'm feeling much better today thank god although still a niggling headache - have you been feeling okay??

MM x
Terrible head!


I have had a terrible headache since Monday although I had some tablets this morning I appear ok this afternoon so fingers crossed!
I like the mushroom - have you tried the chocolate hot?
I have not had any bars yet - I have not been doing the plan a week yet so I will try some on Wednesday. I was told I could not have any bars in the 1st week! Obviously you were not.
How much weight have you to lose? I have got 3 stones:sigh:

Can I just say that your tastebuds WILL change as time goes on, and in a few week's time, you might find you actually like the flavours that you dislike now....

My mantra is something similar "You know what << insert fat food of your choice here>> tastes like, you want to know what being slim feels like".

Another one is nicked from someone else "Time will pass whether you are abstaining from food or not" and bloody hell it has passed! I've lost 23lbs in those 38 days I have been on LL, I bet I would have put on half a stone if I'd have carried on eating how I was.


One Day at a Time
Hi! I'm new too. I'm starting on LL on Monday. Quite nervous but excited too. I've been so unhappy lately this really HAS to work.
Hi to all you newbes you will find support and help if you need it on here. Good luck to you all:character00238:


Hopeful for the future
Welcome to Minimins - Minnie, Missy, Yo Yo and Lollypop,
You're all in a good place and you'll find lots to spur you on - from the encouragement when things are tough, to the inspirational stories.

Good luck to you all and stick to it!!!

Hi , I just started LL last week, my class is on Monday nights, so first official weigh in tomorrow night.

Good luck everyone :)

Mini Mouse
Feeling ill!

Hi all and thank you very much for your words of encouragement. Well toda is day 9 and I feel dreadful but I think I know why!!! Got up had a shake and .5l of water. Then went to watch rugby and did not get back until 8pm OH wanted to go for a pint so I went and had some water and a black coffee. Finallly got home at 10pm and I was pooped so went straight to bed. Realised this morning I only had 1 pack yesterday and only about 2l of water :eek:- no wonder I feel dreadful! I am going to get some bars on Wednesday so next time I go to rugby I can take a couple with me!

Good luck MM and Mini Mouse with your weigh ins tonight - please let us know how got on.

I have not started yet . Nurse today to sign form and then waiting....

You are all so supportive, it's lovely. Good luck to you all. I will watch your progress with interest

DQ x

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