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  1. Hello peeps I am new to Minimins and new to Slimming World I am currently just trying to get my head around the plan at the moment. Any advice is gratefully appreciated! :)
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  3. drumsrevolver

    drumsrevolver Irregular Member

    Welcome Natasha! Are you going to class or just doing it from home/online? I'd just say trust the plan, eat until you're full and not stuffed and try and incorporate SF into each of your meals where you can - you'll feel much more satisfied - SW isn't a plan you should feel hungry or deprived on. Loads of good threads on here, I always refer back to this one as a good starting point .

    Best of luck to you :)
  4. BindiRott

    BindiRott Full Member

    :welcome:Good luck with your weightloss xx
  5. wexy

    wexy Full Member

    Good luck.
    There are loads of recipes on here that can give you ideas for tasty meals. There are also lots of threads on syn values. Plus someone will always help if you need it x
  6. Hello peeps I am actually going to a meeting every Thursday so we will see what my 1st weigh in is like lol I am still getting to grips with things and yeah I just eat until I am full up and comfortable not stuffed. I have been trying to incorporate healthy SF Foods and F foods. thankyou for replying to my post as I am still new to this site and SW but its nice to know there is peeps that will help. Good luck all within your weight loss WE CAN DO IT !!! :)
  7. drumsrevolver

    drumsrevolver Irregular Member

    You sound like you're on the right track Natasha - that sounds like a perfect start :character00238:
  8. keirasmummy

    keirasmummy Full Member

    Welcome :)
  9. Well week 1 I lost 2 pounds not too bad I guess as still getting use to the diet ect :) x
  10. Thrashscara

    Thrashscara Member

    well done! thats a great start! how much are you drinking in water? when i get a bit of a disappointing loss i realise it because i have not drunk enough, then find in the next week I get bait extra off to compensate!

    2lbs is a FAB start!
  11. 2lbs is a brilliant start! I only lost 1lb in my first week but as my leader says: a loss is a loss! Congrats and keep plodding on!
  12. Hello Peeps thanks for your kind words of encouragement I guess 2 pounds is still a loss well been real good this week and exercised drank lots of water so hopefully I will get a bigger loss tonight fingers crossed hows you all doing ?Xx
  13. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    hi nat welcome to the forum you will get loads of help here

    chezz xxx
  14. Can anyone tell me why I am unable to put my statistics in for my height it comes up with a message saying incorrect height format I am 5ft7 please help :)
  15. drumsrevolver

    drumsrevolver Irregular Member

    How are you putting it in? I can't remember the options but I know there's no gap and you also need to indicate inches ie 5ft 7 should be 5ft7in - all as one word.
  16. Hello peeps hope your slimming world diets are going well I only lost a pound and half but its better than nothing any idea how I can lose more for next week would be great thanks :)
  17. The Caretaker

    The Caretaker Silver Member

    hi mate, don't worry about how much you lost because at least you have lost , and well done for that. as for inputting your measurements just look at the examples they give on the side, thats what i did it took me about 4 goes to get it right :)
  18. Aww ty sweet and you right at least i am losing and not putting on good luck with your weigh in hun xx.
  19. The Caretaker

    The Caretaker Silver Member

    Extra easy is the way to go on SW until you know the ropes, thats what i have been told and it seems to be working ok keep us informed ;)
  20. Hey hun I will defo keep you updated do you think it might be worth cutting down on syns per a day :)
  21. The Caretaker

    The Caretaker Silver Member

    Well I keep getting conflicting views about syns, I think it makes sense to use them sometimes, and when I say sometimes, I mean always use them but not necessarily use them all, all the time :) I have been told by my group leader to not use them if I don't want to??? But then other people say you must use them all and all of the time???
    i say use them when you want to, but you don't have to use them all always.:cool:

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