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Newbie member doing Slimming World

Hello All.

I've been browsing the forum for a little while already, and finally decided to take the plunge and register.

A little about me, well, I'm an XXL size and + 50 :eek: with a lot of weight to lose. Not a good combo I know!

I went along to my very first Slimming World meeting last week, so I'm still trying to get this old head around what I'm supposed to be doing.

I've had a weight problem pretty much all my life and tried all sorts of diets along the way, each one leaving me with far more weight than I started with.

Recently my doctor offered me xenical and also discussed bariatric surgery but I turned down both - neither is for me.
So here I am, looking for like minded buddies to support each other, and high hopes this is going to be the diet that finally works. :fingerscrossed:


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Hi Mitzi!

I've done SW in the past and once you get your head around it all it's a pretty good diet!

Good luck with your weight loss. I think it's incredibly good of you to turn down the surgery and the weight loss pills and decide to do this your way.

Hi, very nice to meet you both and I wish you every success in your diets too.

I'm not really brave to turn down the surgery though, just a big scaredy cat.

Harleyboo I don't have any recipes yet as all this is new to me, but if I find something that's really good I will post it for you.

Mitzi , I think your wise to snub the surgery. Anything invasive can lead to further complications. At least if you tackle weight loss with a healthy eating plan and a complete lifestyle change hopefully you will avoid putting any weight back on again. I don't think there's any easy option to loosing it but I deffinately agree with you!! I've not been on this plan long either so here goes!! Good luck:)
Hi. I'm just restarting SW. Tried many diets but always come back to this as i love the freedom of not counting and weighing and i can still have a treat as long as i count the syns. I'm a 50+ too(age not size)and really want and need this to work for me. It's me not the diet so no more excuses. If i can help and support anyone in return for a few kicks up the bum i'll be more than happy to do so.Let's do it!!!
Hi Samsmum. Pleased to say I've made it to my 1st weekly weigh in and all's going well.....so far so good. It's such an easy way to eat I'm amazed that it works but it definitely does. I'm the same as you, I really need this diet to work for me. So here we go!

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