newbie & ready to lose 6st!


Slim for Summer!
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Hi guys, my name's Milly!

I'm 20 years old & in the past year I have gained 7st and I'm here to lose it! I don't really feel myself anymore due to my weight change & I want to look great for my 21st (26th Sept)! I'm going to jump into Slimming World and do my best - I'm just not sure how long it's going to take to lose all this weight..

But all of your tickers and success stories have really inspired me.. I feel like I can do this now!

I can't wait to get started! Thanks & I hope to be earning my first ticker/award asap! :)
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hey milly

welcome xxx

im also a newbie and went to my first class yesturday, everyone seems really friendly and helpfull

good luck hun xxx


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Welcome to the forum Milly! Are you going to do SW on your own or have you joined a group? The program is brilliant and works (if you stick to it, lol!). I'm sure you will have a fantastic loss between now and your 21st birthday if you stick to the plan. Good luck and keep posting on here! It's great for motivation and inspiration!!


Slim for Summer!
S: 15st5lb G: 9st7lb
Thanks everyone!

Cougar - I'm doing it on my own at the moment as I can't afford the membership quite yet.
I have a few of the books though and I've been given lots of great information from family members who go to the SW groups. :)


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Hello and welcome! I hope you have a fab time on your journey and try lots of interesting foods. We're all here to give you a hand if you need it!


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Welcome to Milly and all the other newbies to the board. Looking forward to getting to know you over the next next year.


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Welcome aboard! Take the time to read Squiddies excellent sticky for newbies, and remember we're all here for each other.


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Hi Millie - welcome to the forum. Everyone is friendly and helpful on here, so feel free to ask questions if you're confused about anything or need some ideas.

When I didn't attend a class I used to use the weigh machine at Boots once a week at roughly the same time (you won't do yourself any good weighing at home every day, so stay away from the scales except for weigh-in time!!!) You can get a card from the pharmacy that you can top up with credit. The card stores all your weigh-ins and the machine gives you a little reciept / print out to keep so you still get a record of your achievements.

One of the good things about going to class is the celebration of milestones, such as half stones, stones, etc. Maybe think about how you're going to celebrate these in advance if you're not at class.

Anyway - good luck on your weight-loss journey. We share a birthday by the way. Its my 38th in 2010. Not sure where the time's gone!


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Welcome Milly it is fabulous and a real thinspiration being on this site. I couldnt slim without it (I go to classes each week but come on here every day just to keep me motivated) Bring on being thin this year :)

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Hi Milly and welcome to the fabulous world of Minimins xxx


Slim for Summer!
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Thank you so much everyone for the support! I'm really excited and very optimistic for the coming months! :) :) :)


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Hi and welcome.
this is a great way to lose weight. Just remember that even when the going is tough and not much weight seems to come of at the pace we think it should, keep going, persevere as our bodies are strange things and the weight loss will catch up.


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Well done, you have made a really positive move to achieve your goals.

This is a great forum and you will find a great group of people who will support you on your journey.

Phil x