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    Hello everybody,
    Just want to introduce myself and give you a picture! I'm Jackie, 28 and I'm a serial weight loser/gainer.
    I am sick of it, and I feel like I have little support but I'd like to feel I'm able to support and believe in myself a little more to really achieve my goals. I lost near on 4 stone 5 years ago, I have now regained 5 stone, and had a baby in the process so I am really here just to talk to like minded people and people with the same struggles!

    If anyone wants to chat or share any tips I'm all ears! I'm starting back at 16st, with babyfied hips now too, and I remember having a serious amount of motivation and determination when I previously lost a lot. I couldn't maintain it though due to bad choices, so I'm also looking for some motivational tips if anyone has any!

    Nice to meet you all and looking forward to chatting! Xo
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  3. lizw

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    Good luck!
  4. jacz

    jacz Full Member

    Thank you! :) have you just started? X
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