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Newbie Saying Hello!

Thought I'd introduce myself, if I'm doing it right of course....lol...I've just started on Slimming World after losing three stones on Weightwatchers around 10 years ago, but losing interest and gradually putting back on a stone!!! So keen to discover new recipes and get new tips as I'm only a learner of Slimmimg World Ways ☺️
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Hi Silversue, I'm new too. I've just started reading everything I can find about Slimming World. I hear stones a lot when referring to weight. I wonder what a stone is. I will probably google that. I have been on so many diets. The last one was the Keto diet. I have had so many health issues and that is why I have tried so many diets. I like the Slimming World diet because there aren't so many warnings of "don't eat this or that...because of this or that." And at this point I am ready to eat a lot less fat. I'd like to lose about 15-20 lbs. I wonder how many stones that is. Actually, I'd be happy with 2lbs lost here and there. I'd like to feel a little less like I'm on a diet and learn to eat a wider range of foods and keep the bingeing under control. It seems maybe with the Slimming World way of eating that may be possible. I sure hope so. I'm glad to be here. :)
Hi Lupe, a stone is 14lbs which is round about what I want to lose....as that's what I've put back on since losing around 45lbs on Weightwatchers and then it gradually creeping back up over a year. I thought I'd give Slimming World a go and am finding it a lot less restrictive I'm not a binger as such, but need to get the 'treats' under control which seem to have gone from once a month, to once a week, to once too often! Lol....Where are you located? I'm in Manchester UK....nice to chat with you, and good luck on your journey x
Hi Silversue, I like the use of stones better than lbs. They don't sound like nearly so much. I want to lose a stone also, my story is a lot like yours. Having that weight creep up on me makes me feel very uncomfortable. I did join SW and I'll give it 3 months to learn all that I can. I am in Indiana USA. I'm not sure what our time difference is. I like eating a wider range but it's hard to cook when I get off work. So that will be a challenge. Good luck to you too x :)
I've been going to SW for a few weeks now, the first week I lost 3lbs the second week 1 1/2lbs but last week I gained 1/2lb! But we did have a bank holiday in there and went out with friends twice! So half a pound on wasn't too bad I guess....I'm getting to grips a little better with the plan now and hoping to lose a couple of pounds a week, but any loss will do I suppose ☺️
My favourite treat is carrot cake, so if I can steer clear of that I should be ok....lol I also used to go out walking in the local countryside for a couple of hours or more at least twice a week, but that has slowly dwindled away over the months, so I need to get back out there, luckily the weather is starting to improve now after a slow start, no excuse now eh? Lol. xx
Be encouraged Silversue, the last stone is always the hardest to lose from what I hear. I'm so hesitant to get on the scale because I don't want to see that I am not losing any weight. I guess sooner or later I will get on it.

Carrot cake sounds good, but I'm not having trouble with eating sugar, I have trouble with sitting in front of the TV and eating too much of anything. I guess we all have our weaknesses. At least you are losing weight, yay for you!!

Today I am going to cook Harissa chicken. It sounds so good. SW says you don't count anything, but you really do, and you have to measure out the dairy and the bread-like foods. And of course the syns need to be counted also. But this counting is nothing like other diets which are way more complicated, especially when I was counting carbs.

This morning I ate cut up apples and they tasted so good. I started to remember the guilt of eating fruit when I was trying not to eat carbs before SW. Those apples tasted so good, and it was liberating to be eating them. I think my body really needs apples and fruits. I also like eating dairy. I am eating fat free dairy but I have not eaten dairy in so long. I used to think it bothered me, but I'm not having any trouble so far. Maybe if I keep to the portions SW recommends, I won't have trouble. I'll see. Well, have a good day.

Oh btw, our weather is getting a little warmer too, but for now I keep getting my steps in my living room while listening to Audible or watching TV. I am so glad to be "talking" to you. Keep up the good eating, xx
Hiya, how's things? Good I hope....Just been to my weigh in, 2lbs off, woohoo, pleasantly surprised as I went on two nights out this week!! But been really good the rest of the time so it seems to be paying off. I miss my bread as it's just so easy to make a sandwich for lunch I'm still surprised at some of the things you can eat though....seems a lot less restrictive than WW.....need to get back into the habit of using my Fitbit, forgot to put it on yesterday and I was actually quite active (for a cange) Do you use anything like that? It does make me more focussed shame I keep forgetting to wear it....lol. Just settling down for the evening now....speak soon and keep up the good work x

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