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Newbie starting in February


Mistress of the Dark
Hi everyone,

I have been lurking and reading the posts in this forum for some time now. I am currently doing Cambridge Diet Sole Source but I am switching to Slimming World in February when my packs run out.

I lost 7st on CD before but gained most of it back because I got cocky and started nibbling. I don't want to fall into that trap again. I need to keep in touch with food and I need to feel like I am not missing out.

I have done Slimming World before and my regret is that I didn't stick at it because I really enjoyed doing it. This time, my partner is going to do it with me.

I still have all the books etc from the first time I went (2004 ish) and I just want to know, has it changed much since? We want to follow the red and green days, a combination of both, but if I don't need new books then that will save me a bit of money.

Also, I know it will be different for everyone, but would it be possible to lose 2lbs a week on average?

I am aiming to lose about 2st on CD before moving over and I want to start on red days so that I don't pile on the pounds due to suddenly eating loads of carbs. That would put me at about 18st and I would like to be about 14st by the end of September-4st in 7 months (2lbs a week roughly). Is this possible? To be honest, I'd be pleased to get to 14st 11lbs by then which is where I got to before (about 1.5lbs a week).

Any advice and guidance will be appreciated. We won't be paying for membership just yet as we want to see how we get on at first.


Gem x
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to be honest it would be worthwhile going to class and buying the new books that way you have uptodate version and learn about extra easy xx
Also 1-2 lbs loss is what sw say you will lose on the plan but alot peeps get more than than me personally im a pound a week person but i dont eat a lot of fruit and veg so it may have been more if I do


Mistress of the Dark
Thanks hun,

I will definitely consider going to the class or joining online. I don't like the idea of going to class really as I'm not a group kind of person. Perhaps online is the way to go! x
Hello and welcome! You only need to go to class once to get the new book and then need not go back if you don't want to! I'm a real 'class' girl and love my Thursday meetings xxx


A sucker for a key change
Thanks hun,

I will definitely consider going to the class or joining online. I don't like the idea of going to class really as I'm not a group kind of person. Perhaps online is the way to go! x
I know how you feel. I hated having to join the group to get the books and only intended on going the once. I am antisocial and don't enjoy mixing with strangers (and to be honest, it was pure torture that first week as I find the happy clapping excrutiating). However, I have kept going to my surprise and actually look forward to the WI (I still sit quietly and don't really involve myself with everyone as it is a bit clicky at my group). But, lots of people on here really enjoy going to their own groups and feel like they are meeting up with friends. I may stop going at some point as I find paying £4.95 a week is more than I can afford at the moment as our income is very limited (my husband is self-employed and there is very little work out there at the moment). If I do that, I know I can get all the support I need on here and could manage with some decent scales at home...

I'll shut up now as I am rambling lol xx
Yeh I think class might be an incentive to you because it recognises your weight loss and gives you the opportunity to feel good about yourself!Maybe try it and see how it goes?x


Mistress of the Dark
Thanks guys :p

MrsMc I have the same problem financially although my OH works but I am a student and having to pay my own fees. I haven't found a job yet either so I can't really justify paying for the classes. It's one of the reasons I am leaving CD because of the expense x


Lover of Extra Easy
I also suggest going to class, even just once to get all the latest info as SW has changed a bit since 2004. If you can stay to class, even if it's just the one of you, all the better but if it's financially not viable, just go once, get all the new books as Extra Easy is the main focus at the moment. EE, in my opinions is so much easier than red or green and the new books will explain all.
Once you have those, with all info on hand to help you, you will get plenty of support here.
Personally, I think SW group support is important, but plenty of people here have done really well doing it alone.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
It used to be £9.95 but the fees have just gone up, I'm sure someone will be along to say tho it might be on the SW website. I can endorse what Malaika says I find EE much easier than red/green. No thinking required :D


Lover of Extra Easy
The current joining price is still £5 to join and £4.95 per week so it'll be £9.95 for the first week... this is what the site says:

Buy a 12-week Countdown course
and get
(*Weekly equivalent)
Join Slimming World before
31st January
and get
That’s just £9.95 to pay on your first night – a fabulous saving of £5!
After that, introduce a new member to your group and get a WEEK FREE!​

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