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Newbie Starting Lipotrim on Monday

Hi everyone.

I am looking to start a lipotrim diet on Monday. I hope to lose 21lbs.

I have been reading through some of the thread here and have found them very inspirtational and nice to know so many people have gone through it.

Just a few questions. I am starting on Monday and hope to lose lose the weight in 4-6 weeks. ( I saw on the video males tend to lose 1.5 stones a month)

I noticed some people have been on the diet for months at a time. Have you managed to literally go months with out eating a solid meal ? How have you found this?

Also it's my birthday on the 26th of March and i have a meal booked with drinks over the weekend? What can i do to make sure that it doesn't ruin the diet . Also it is advisable to go from the diet to 3 days of eating and drinking? Will it cause me to become sick or anything?

I am really nervous about this for some reason. I really don't want to fail at it but am worried about the hunger pangs and potential headaches.

Appreciate your help

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What can you do to make sure it won't ruin the diet...... Don't have a meal or alcoholic drinks. If you must then you will need to refeed for atleast one week before having alcohol.

And yes many of us, myself included have gone months with nothing other than shakes, water & the allowed coffee, tea etc it's the way the diet was designed and the way it works best.

Good luck with your journey though.
Read up about ketosis and alcohol to understand why you must refeed for a week before having any after a vlcd.


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If your birthday is march 26th i would suggest not starting the diet until after your birthday to be honest. As you would have to re feed for a week before your big day. So you would do only a few days on the diet then re feed.
I had LT for 3 weeks before starting it as it was my birthday on 22nd feb and i didnt want to do it half-heartedly and i wanted to go out for a meal for my bday and have a drink so i started it the day after!!
My friend is a pharmacist, and he will actually be the chap who is getting me the LT and will be guiding me through it. He has said the same thing as you katieg and has advised me to start it after my birthday. I have stag do on the 1st-2nd April and the wedding on the 29th. I may start it on the 2nd of April all the way through the 29th. I want to give it my all , but my friend warned me the first few days maybe really tough and not to put myself through it twice.


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He is exactly right, you need to time it right for sure. The first 4 days are hellish so you need to be prepared for that!! And as he says, no point in going through it twice. Eat sensibly between now and april 2nd and you may see some weight loss anyway. Try and cut out the carbs like bread and potatoes especially in the week before you start the diet and you may get into ketosis quicker which is a bonus. You need to have your head in the right place, dont be doing it then cheating on your events. Start afterwards but eat healthily until then!!!

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