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Newbie to Calorie Counting


Is feeling the love!
Hi guys,

I've been doing Slim Fast for the past 8 months and I have got seriously bored of it now. I have decided to mainly calorie count now and just have a SF bar when I've no time to make anything.

Need so much motivation at the moment!!


Linda x
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hi linda, i remember u from slimfast, how have u been doing? calorie counting is definately a good move on with slimfast, i still use a slimfast shake every now and again when i havnt got anything else in. everyone here is really nice and helpful, and im sure u wont find it too hard to get those last couple of pounds off. good luck!


Is feeling the love!
hi darling, thanks for the welcome. i have my first weigh in on monday since i have been calorie counting. i actually feel like i have lost some weight this week. for the first time since april!!!
sometimes a change of diet can really help get started again :)

i only really started calorie counting properly a couple of weeks ago - got my second weigh in on tuesday!

let us know how u get on hun! xxx
I keep popping on this forum to have a nose, I'm going to stick with slimfast for a bit longer, but do intend to change to calorie counting once I'm near my goal. Think it helps you get into a good pattern of healthy eating and is a good thing to go onto after slimfast, after all we do calorie count whilst on slimfast so the basics are the same.


i really don't know life

hiya honey. you were very supportive of me when i first started on this site. i shunted everything over to cc a couple of months ago....so welcome!

hope i can be as helpful as you were for me xxx


Is feeling the love!
I'm feeling so much better counting the calories. It is making me learn a lot about protiens and carbs. I am kind of following Slimming world ideas and having less carbs if I have a lot of protien and the other way around. They also have these huges lists of foods you can eat whenever you like and that has helped to know the sort of thing thats ok to eat.

It's all about learning new ways of eating and making life changes, as cliche as thats sounds. lol

Thanks for the lovely wlecomes. Nice to know the support is out there. :D


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Best of luck with your continuing weight loss - looks like you've done fabulously well so far! Calorie counting isn't a glam solution, it's kind of like the tweed-wearing granny of the dieting world, but by heck, it works, and it prepares you properly for maintenance, I think.

Hope you're enjoying the Hartley's jelly, mini milks, alpen light bars and all that lovely low stuff! :)


Is feeling the love!
Thanks Iris, I feel like the calorie counting is preparing me for the future. I exercise loads so I need to keep an eye on what I eat and make sure I don't starve myself too much.

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