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Newbie to Slimming world!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by lauren*21, 16 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. lauren*21

    lauren*21 Member

    Hello everyone,

    I have previously been on Weight Watchers and the first 6 months were great - i had lost 1st 7lbs. then after the 6 months i found counting points and being extra careful on what was in food became so difficult that i ended up gaining a few pounds. I lost all interest and didn't want to revolve my life around food as it was all i was thinking about. A friend at work has been on Slimming World and has lost a lot of weight so far by sticking with the extra easy plan, so i have decided that i will now try this and see what happens.

    Does anybody have any tips or low syn snacks on which i can have?

    Many thanks :)

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  3. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    You can browse the recipe sections on this forum or look at the what's for lunch, tea etc threads to see what everyone else is eating.

    You just need to focus at this point on getting to grips with the plan. Make sure you read your books from cover and cover and try to plan in advance, which really does help in making better choices. The food diary is critical at the beginning so make sure you write down EVERYTHING! Make sure to include your syns, healthy extras and superfree and you really can't go wrong. Be prepared to feel that you are eating too much. Be prepared to feel bloated for a fortnight. DON'T cut back on syns, it doesn't work that way.

    Good luck with everything I hope that helps a little.
  4. Laurelie

    Laurelie Member

    I recommend keeping things fairly simple for the first couple of weeks - make your meals out of free foods, snack on free food such as fat free yoghurts (careful, some are not syn free even though they are fat free), skinless cooked chicken breast pieces, ham etc. Drink lots of water - it definitely helps shift pounds! Once you get into a routine with your foods, have a go at some different recipes. The website is great, as are the books produced by Slimming World. I bought a whole load from group and every single recipe has worked a dream. And they taste blooming brilliant too! Ooh by the way, try the slimming world version of chips, they are a great addition if you have a family or partner who isn't on the plan. They don't need to know that they are "skinny chips"! Good luck and enjoy your first few weeks!
  5. Snozzberry

    Snozzberry Full Member

    Hello! I'm into week 3 at the moment and have been keeping it fairly simple so far with meals that I would normally eat anyway, just tweaking them a bit to make them SW friendly. For instance, tonight we're having our usual Nigella's quick chilli in the slow cooker, only leaving out the chorizo (this makes me sad, but my fat suit isn't going to unzip itself) and using passata and some frozen veg instead of the jarred vegetable sauce. I made this last week and it was still lovely and the children didn't appear to notice the difference.

    I've also been allowing between 4-6 syns for an afternoon treat (Kitkat today).

    And I've swapped my gallons of tea for 1 mug in the morning and then having green tea instead, as my HexA only covers my cereal and one dash for tea - I never thought it would happen but I think I now prefer Twinings Mango & Lychee to Red Label :eek:
  6. lauren*21

    lauren*21 Member

    Thanks everyone for commenting :)

    I will take all your tips in to consideration - definitely going to try the Slimming World chips :)

    Thanks again it really does help me.

  7. nat_bean

    nat_bean Full Member

    good luck on ur weight loss journey xx :D

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  8. lemonandlime1

    lemonandlime1 Full Member

    I am only starting today so don't have any useful tips as I am still getting to grips with it myself but just wanted to say good luck :)
  9. lauren*21

    lauren*21 Member

    Thank you.
    hope you get on ok with it - GOOD LUCK!!

    the only tips i have got at the moment is eat mainly the super free foods and free foods to fill you up and bulk out meals :D

  10. haileyhaiz

    haileyhaiz Full Member

    Tesco multi-pack popcorn is fairly low, between 2.5 and 3.5 depending on what flavour. Curly Wurlys are only 6 and if you keep them in the fridge they take ages to eat/chew so makes you feel like you've had something bigger ;-) also I make fruit salads and snack on Muller lights as there both free! Or the Greek Muller lights are thicker and more filling but they are 0.5syn not free! Good Luck :party0011:
  11. lauren*21

    lauren*21 Member

    I didnt realise that Muller light yogurts are free - i always thought they had a syn value so i didnt eat them.

    May pop to shops to get some to snack on.

    Thanks :D xx
  12. Hippopotamum

    Hippopotamum Silver Member

    Hi Lauren, I've just come over from Weight Watchers, where I've lost a stone and half in the last 6mths or so too. :) I've done SW lots of times before, and have done well on it in the past, so I'm hoping for the same again this time.

    I love the Muller Greek style toffee flavour, it's only half a syn and well worth it, the toffee Muller Lights are nice too and they're free. I'm another one who loves Curly Wurly's, they're so chewy they seem to last forever and they're only 6syns, I love a Freddo, for 5syns, but they're gone in two mouthfuls, lol! I like Quavers, 4.5syns from a multipack. Then there's the usual, fruit, fruit salad, sugar free jelly (half a syn), etc.

    I would say to search the SW recipes for meals that match the food you already eat, so SW versions of lasagne, Quiche, curries, Spag bol, carbonara, etc, so that you don't have to change too much, but also look for new recipes to keep you interested and inspired.

    It can be hard to get your head around it at first but once you do it's great, good luck. x

    PS- Morrisons have their Muller Lights on offer, 10 for £3. :)

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