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Newbie - Too good to be true???

Hi all,

Sorry to start a new thread, but just wanted to introduce myself and check out how this works, and whether it really does.

My name's Katherine, i'm 32 and about 2 stone overweight. i have two kids, aged 4 and 18 months. In between them i managed to lose a lot of weight (2 1/2 stone)with WW, but have had no success losing weight since birth of my second little treasure, so thought I'd give SW a shot.

BUT - how does it work? Can you really eat this much food and lose weight? And also, I'm really interested to know how many syns you guys eat each day...

I'm not going to a class as they're all on at bed time near me...my favourite part of the day! I guess that means I'm hoping you will all be my guiding stars!

Thanks for reading, and hopefully responding. After a quick read through, there are some AMAZING weight losses out there. Wow.

:thankyou: Katherine.x
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Just follow the plan
Hi Katherine and wecome. Yes, it does really work, I dont know the scientific details but its basically a healthy diet broken down in a way that enables you to lose weight.

If youre not going to a class, make sure you really understand how it works, do you have any books?

This is a great forum for support, you'll lose that 2 stone in no time x
Yeah I've got a book, although it's an old one I think - and have actually just seen you on another thread and was inspired by your great weight loss in just a week. Well done!!! Any secrets???

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Hiya kjs, the sw plan is a really good one, I am sure you will enjoy following it. If I were you I would start off using your 15 syns a day, and your 4 healthy extras, that way if your weight loss starts to slow down and you need to cut back well then you wont be left with a minute number of syns a day, I hope that makes sense. The girls on here are great and always ready to help so if you get stuck at all be sure to shout. :)


Just follow the plan
Yeah I've got a book, although it's an old one I think - and have actually just seen you on another thread and was inspired by your great weight loss in just a week. Well done!!! Any secrets???
No secrets lol, I just stuck to it 100% apart from Sunday, MIL came round for tea and brought a home made apple pie with her. If it was shop bought I wouldnt have had it, but home made, rude not to really lol

I do have 7 or 8 stone to lose, so that may be why I lost a big amount in my first week, not sure how that works but if you stick to the plan, take your syns and healthy extras you will definitely lose. Good luck and let us know how it goes :)
Hi Katherine,
For me it all sounded a bit complicated at first, especially after spending years yo-yoing with weightwatchers, but the results for some people are so good, it has to work (newbie too).
Wishing you luck and if you get stuck, everyone is so helpful here, you should be fine
i'm an ex weight watcher too i did loose all my weight on WW but put it back on in my final year of uni opps,
i joined a class last week but it was my birthday at weekend sort of failed on the alcohol eeek but tryed to cut my syns down by 3 or 4 a day to make up for it.
i wish you luck and as im new to this forum too im sure ill see you around xx


Spam Hunter
Hi and welcome to the forum. YES you really can eat that much. I am like a human hoover and I have only ever lost weight with SW. Feel free to take a look at my food diary on here x


I ate my willpower!
Welcome to the forum. Any questions you have just shout and we can usually help you out. If you need a syn value, there is a sticky at the top of the page and someone will post it there for you.

Good luck :D
Thanks for all the responses. I have a couple of friends who have done well on sw, and I've watched them tucking into crisps and pondered the fairness of that! But hey, French fries here I come.

A dilemma - do I weigh myself every week, even though i'm doing this at home. historically, if I have a bad week i tend to go off the rails, so I'm wondering whether to leave it for a fortnight to keep the momentum going. What do you think?

Also, does anyone else work in KGs, so that the weight loss seems more regular? I seem to have always managed to lose 0.2 kg, but not necessarily a whole lb...

Mmm, this dieting lark's not easy.

I suppose Katherine with weighing it is what suits you best, I am going to weigh weekly so I'll know if I have to try a bit harder the following week or now. The little tracker may be of help to you, click on one and it takes you to the site, and you can create your own, and then as for weight you can always convert the weight at CalculateMe.com.
Hope that helps a little.. Good luck!!
Pick somewhere that has scales, Boots, larger Tesco stores or your local leisure centre and weigh there in a designated day at the same time each week. If you have a bad week then tell us about it on here cus we are masters at it! I used to do that all the time but when you have a bad week it's best to just draw a line under it and get straight back on plan


Just follow the plan
I need to weigh in weekly, cos I need to see results! Thats what motivates me but do what is best for you x

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