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Just wanted to say hi to everyone.
Im so pleased to have found this forum as Im a bit lost at the moment.
Like most people Ive tried everything to lose weight. My head is still spinning with points and syns!
Just started Xenical on wednesday but never actually counted calories or checked fat value before. Ive downloaded everything from their website but it hasnt gone in my head yet. Suppose its early days. So chuffed to read about all of your progress on it.
Ill probably sound really dozy by asking this question, but am I supposed to be counting fat or saturated fat?
At the moment Im eating a slimming world diet which is low fat but obviously Im not adding up the fat content or counting calories as Im supposed to. Help, all of my ex- slimming classes are blending into one!
Advice please. x:confused:
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I can't give you advise as i'm not doing you diet plan, however i would like to wish you good luck in your journey to weight loss.


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Welcome to this site you will find it supportive and encouraging also it will give you motivation.

I've been taking Xenical for 5 weeks now and have followed the 5g of fat rule.

Basically you look at all food packages and look at the fat content. If it is 5g or less per 100g then it is okay to eat. Each meal should have no more than 15g of fat. You will then be eating 45g of fat per day and should not have any side effects.

Obviously portion size is also a contributing factor but just get your head around the fat content first and then start looking at portion sizes.

If you look through some of the other posts there is a site where you can put what you eat and it works out the calories and fat for you.

Good luck on your weight loss journey.



S: 16st12lb C: 16st12lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for support and advice. Hopefully, Ill soon get the hang of it. xxx


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Welcome, fat2fab. Your diet will be second nature to you in no time at all. Stick to the fat rule as detailed above and you won't get in to any trouble. Also have a look at if you want a calorie counter and food diary combined.