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Hi sugar n spice

Many congratulations on your new arrival! What did the stork bring you? Bet they are keeping you mega busy!

I've only just joined Minimims but started my journey 12 weeks ago and have lost 23lbs so far ... another 43lbs to go to get to my first goal ... & then I will think about the second goal!

I'm a busy mum of 3 & don't really have the time to get to classes, so I weigh-in at home on a Saturday. I'm in Essex too.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.

Squirrel Lili
hi thanks a girl (so one of each now:) )
well done on your weight loss so far ..maybe i should do that and section it in to goals rather than all at once(like on my tracker just made!) i did my weighing yesterday morning so will be doing tuesday every week -however i bought new scales n dnt seem v accurate as keep givin diff readings so may have change scales n do diff weighing once iv changed them!
goodluck :)
Hi, one of each is lovely ... Always think it's nicer buying clothes for girls than boys as there's always so much choice!

Think most people break down their weight into half stone goals & then it doesn't sound so daunting!

Hope your scales are now behaving themselves!

Good luck!
After having two boys, it's lovely we've got some pink in the house!

1lb off for me this week ... Can't complain as it's still a step in the right direction!

How are you doing?
well done -every bit counts :)a loss is a loss
got me new scales today:)lol so will be weighin from tomorrow but i have still been doing the plan this week . i doing extra easy how about u ??
Hi Sugar, Are your new scales behaving themselves!?

I'm doing red & green, but mainly I have green days. Don't actually know what Extra Easy is! Lol

I really fancy some ice-cream! At least it's a bit cooler today!
was still quite hot this morning-i managed to get indoors before the storm tho :)luckily:)
u should try a frozen mullerlight yoghurt -i had vanilla one frozen yest it was lovely(not same as icecream but hit the spot:)lol and kept me occupied as took ages to eat as left it into long so was like a rock lol
S: 14st12lb C: 13st6lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 34.4 Loss: 1st6lb(9.62%)
hun welcome good luck This is my 2nd week and so far lost 10lb
How's it going sugar?

Not had the frozen Mullerlight yet ... May have one later.

1.5 lbs off for me this week which gets me down into the next stone bracket. Another 2.5lbs until I've lost 2 stone so hoping to make that next week.
well done in geting down to the nxt stone :)such a gr8 feeling to do that -i remember from last time did sw :)

it was my first weigh in and lost 5lb (1st week always bit more of a loss but its a gd kick start to my journey again:))
How's your second weigh-in gone?

2lbs off for me this week, which makes me just .5 lb away from 2 stone loss. Did a sneaky weigh-in mid week & I'd loss 3lbs, so a bit disappointed that on Sat it was showing a 2lb loss! Now know not to do sneaky weigh-ins mid week!

Keep on going!

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