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  1. notgijane

    notgijane Member

    Hi,I am new to this site but have been doing SW for a month or so,i have not been to successful but i am hoping this site might help!!! i am a wednesday weigh-in :eek:
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  3. Aero

    Aero Full Member

    Hiya im a newbie to ans also have my weigh in on a wed 1st one tomorow,, hope its a good loss...How has the plan been working for you? Are u on EE?
  4. dozza1982

    dozza1982 Full Member

    This is my first week too. First weigh in tomorrow and feeling pretty nervous about it. Doing EE and finding it OK so far. Found some great ideas on here though which is good.

    Notgijane hope things get easier for you.

    Aero good luck for tomorrow.
  5. Aero

    Aero Full Member

    Hey yea on EE too the plan is great,, how did your weigh in go?
  6. Rkmriddell

    Rkmriddell Gold Member

    Hi. Why have you not been successful so far? Welcome to minimins, i love this site - keeps me focused x

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