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Newbie!!! :)

Heeey Guys..:)

I've just started my diet and am nooow on day 2! Am really pleased with myself as I have managed to make it to daay 2 as I had a really bad start...serious hunger pangs and bad headaches....

Anywayz am STILLL quite hungry todaay but I am NOT GOING TO FALL OFF THE RAILS....(right attitude am guessing???) Hope it becomes easier...

See ya xxxx
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Thnx ppl for all your messages....xxx

Welcome and well done on getting to Day 2, the first week is undoubtedly the worse but hang in there and it will all be worth it.

Hey East_star! Welcome and good luck! I'm on Day 2 as well!! How long do you expect to be following the cd? Hope it all goes well for you!

Love Kj xx
Well my CDC did say that after the first 3 days the headaches should decrease... at the moment thats my main hurdle....I'm hoping the rest of the week goes smoothly.. have to head back to uni this week. Am dead excited about my first weigh in though :)
Thnx KayJay!! Well at the moment I weigh 12 10lbs...and am about 5'4. So really I should be about 9/10 stone... thats my ideal weight. My CDC said that if I stick to my shakes/soups... I stand to lose a stone a month.. WHICH IS FANTASTIC.. (IF i stick too it that is.. which I am planning to do). So hopefully by the end of march/ early april I should be at my target weight..How bout you babe???
Have a fair bit more than you to lose!! I'm 5'9 and weighed in with my CDC at 22stone (EEEEKKKK!!!!) Would like to get down to 11 and a half stone - feel like i have SUCH a long way to go, but just seeing the success stories on here is so inspiring! Would love to get to target by November/December this year.

Good luck hun - hope it falls off ya!! :D

Kj xx
I know .... I've been reading thru soME of the stories on here and they give you sooo MUCH inspiration! Don't worrry babe am sure it will fall off without you even knowing.. and before we know it we will be at our target weight!!

Good Luck to you HUN.... WE CAAN DO THIS! :)
Welcome Karen!!

I have been lurking around for a while too.. and thought I must start... The weight loss stories (such as Porgeous above) have really motivated me to get started. It has been a bit of a struggle over the last 2 days but I guess its withdrawal syptoms that am having. Anywayz its going to be great.. we can do it together...

Hi East Star! Well done so far - the first few days are def the hardest - once you get to a week it'll be plain sailing, just don't give in to temptations and before you know it you'll be at goal! Keep popping on here for motivation - it's whats got me through so far x

Corinne x
Hello Porgeous! Thank you for the kind welcome.

I must say how wonderful you look in your picture too, another amazing transformation. Funny how everyones 'after' pictures look like pictures them 10 years ago, looking forward to that!

Best wishes Karen

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