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Hello All,

I've been lurking on these boards for a couple of days until I joined CD. I finally joined last night and today is my first day on this diet.I 've already drunk 2 litres of water so fingers crossed this new me can continue. Hopefully I can get through the next couple of months without going of the rails.

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Good Luck. Before you know it the weight will be falling off...



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Welcome, as the others say the first few days are the worst.

Lou x


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Hi Davic,

Congratulations on starting your weight loss journey and it is good to have you here and look forward to reading your posts and see how you get on.

Set yourself some mini goals and focus on these and take it one day at a time.

Hope you have your before pics taken as you won't believe the difference a couple of months can make.

Also your body measurements.:)

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Davica

Take plenty of photos, and measurements and when you feel comfortable start a diary thread which will help motivate you on your weight loss journey.


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welcome to minis and CD :D

hope u enjoy the flavours and dont have too much of a tough time in the first week.

how much were u wanting to lose and do u have an occasion as a target? lol...ignore me if thats too personal :eek:


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Well done for making the first step in trying to lose weight. Stay on the Cambridge and you will lose lots of weight.

Nick :)


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Thanks all for your words of encouragement. I think I may really need it as I had a minor blip on my second day(I was sick - sorry). I'm back on it today but praying and hoping that what happened yesterday does not happen again.

I have 5st to lose so hopefully that will be off in the next few months.
The flavours are definitely different and may favourite so far is chocolate. Needless to say chocolate was the reason I ended up with all this weight.

All your threads are fantastic so far and has given me loads of ideas. I also hope to chat to all of you loads on here.



Good luck on your journey Davica, you will have lost that 5 stone before you even know it!

This is a really great site for inspiration and to keep you going on those days that are tough, so if you ever think you are going to lose it, come here first!


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Hi Divica,

Your back on the wagon and you can look forward to a slimmer healthier you this summer.

I find on difficult days looking at the inspritional thread or reading diaries helps me get my focus back and why I want to be slim this summer...:)

You can do this.

Love Mini xxx


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Well done for starting and remember to keep up the water intake. Good luck with the 1st week, remember its always the hardest so once youve got through it it will get easier:)


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Hi Davica, ive restarted today cd today so im right here with you at the first step!! Good luck we can do it. Sarahxx.